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Why Are Uniroyal Tires Right For You?

  • High quality tires at competitive prices
  • Over a century of experience producing tires for all weather conditions
  • Long-lasting and durably constructed for high-mileage drivers

As one of America’s original vehicle manufacturers, Uniroyal has a long history of providing high quality tires at great prices. They first produced tires in 1892 when they were known as the United Rubber Company and have been equipping family vehicles, muscle cars, vans, pick up trucks and more ever since. Our TIRECRAFT range of Uniroyal tires includes all season tires for cars and minivans, as well as light truck and SUV tires.

Uniroyal tires have earned their reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, high quality but budget friendly tire ranges. You might be familiar with the Uniroyal Tire Tiger, who’s been the mascot since 1961 and lends his name to the Uniroyal signature series: the Tiger Paw. Their focus has always been to engineer tires that are durable, offer high mileage and are affordable for all drivers.


Uniroyal Tires — All Season

The Tire Paw is a great performing and well-established all season tire. The models in this line are designed for drivers of cars, minivans, SUVs and CUVs looking for a long wearing but well-priced option that offers great control and performance handling.

Uniroyal Tires — Light Truck/SUV

The Laredo is Uniroyal’s line for Light Trucks and SUVs. It includes the Cross Country, great for highway driving, the Laredo HD/H great for long mileage commuting, and the Laredo HD/T for off road driving and maximum traction.

In 1985, Uniroyal merged with BF Goodrich, and was then purchased in 1990 by the Michelin Group, who continue to make tires under the Uniroyal name. Uniroyal tires are still manufactured in Indiana and Oklahoma.