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Rust Proofing in Scarborough, Ontario

Living in Canada means you’ve more than likely had a run in with salted streets at some point in time. Weather conditions lean towards the icy side across the country, and to ensure that vehicles aren’t slipping and sliding on the roads many areas employ salt to lower the freezing point.

While salt can help you stay safe while driving in the winter, it can do some major damage to your car. Prolonged exposure to wet salty roads can lead to rust and corrosion quicker than you might expect.

That’s why the team at G.C. Tirecraft Brampton suggest that you protect your vehicle from the elements by scheduling a rust proofing appointment.

What is Rust Proofing?

Rust proofing, sometimes called rust protection, is a specialty service offered by some auto shops. The process helps to deter salty water from clinging to the metal components of your vehicle.

The service typically involves applying a protective wax or other coating to the areas of your vehicle’s exterior that are more likely to rust. This includes, the fenders, rocker panels, and undercarriage to name a few.

Throughout the years many different rustproofing methods have been developed, these include:

  • Electronic modules: a small box that runs a weak electric current through the metal components of your vehicle
  • Tar-based sprays: this involves spraying a black, tar-like substance on the exposed parts of the underbody of your vehicle, this hardens and acts as a shield against salt and water
  • Oil-based sprays: a light oil based solution is sprayed on your vehicle to expel water and eliminate rust
  • Drip-free clear coats: a spray solution that protects against salt and other deicing agents without dripping anywhere

As a result, you are able to continue your daily commute through the winter months without worrying about any unwanted rust appearing during the season.

Rust Protection at G.C. Tirecraft Brampton

At G.C. Tirecraft Brampton we use Corrosion FREE Rust Cure, the only clean clear drip-free rust solution on the market. Corrosion FREE’s polar conduction technology bonds to the metal of your vehicle which creates a new protectant surface to deter salt and brine from causing rust to form. Once the bond has been created oxygen and water cannot penetrate past it so rust is completely prevented.

This polarity is also the technology that allows Corrosion FREE to be dripless. Additionally the polarity permits the solution to creep into new areas where it has yet to bond with the vehicle.

Corrosion FREE is the best Rustproofing agent on the market, backed by the Canadian Government Defence Research & Development Report

Corrosion FREE Warranty

We are confident that Corrosion FREE is the best on the market and the company stands behind it’s word through the Beyond the Future Warranty. Qualified vehicles receive the industry’s most comprehensive warranty covering parts like fuel tanks, fuel lines, brake lines, etc.

Book Your Rustproofing Appointment

Are you looking to book a rustproofing appointment at G.C. Tirecraft Brampton? We make appointment booking easy by offering online booking options. Alternatively, you can call the shop and speak with our service advisors, we’re happy to facilitate the booking process over the phone.

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