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Tires Services In Port Dalhousie, ON

Tires in Port Dalhousie

When it comes to safety, Tires are the most critical component of your vehicle. Your Brakes may slow the Wheels from turning, but it is the tire grip on the road that brings your car to a stop. At Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines, we offer a wide selection of tires that are suitable for your vehicle. Call Us today to speak with our Tire Expert who can recommend a set of tires that are ideal for your traction, handling, steering and comfort preferences or check out our seasonal promotions and Search Online today.
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Tires must be properly inflated, balanced and rotated for your vehicle to be operating safely and efficiently. At Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines we not only sell top brand tires, but also service them. We examine all facets of your tires and provide such services as:

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is an important component of ensuring the efficiency and safety of your tires. Your tires need to be balanced properly to avoid excessive vibration, suspension component damage and irregular tire wear as you drive. At Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines, we use state-of-the-art Roadforce Balancing technology to guarantee that mass is evenly distributed and that your tires are properly balanced.


Excessive vibration is not only annoying—it can be indicative of a tire imbalance or another safety hazard. If you are experiencing vibration in your steering wheel, in your car seat or anywhere else in the vehicle while driving at varying speeds, you could have a Tire or Wheel Balancing issue. Contact Us today and we’ll be happy to diagnose your vibration issue.


The TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, monitors the air pressure of your tires so you know when they need to be inflated. Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines offers a wide selection of universal and OEM specification TPMS sensors for your vehicle and is fully equipped with the tools and technologies needed to reset and reprogram your TPMS.


To maximize the life of your tires, Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines recommends that they be rotated regularly. Rotation ensures that each of your tires experiences an equal and balanced weight over the course of their lifetimes. Rotation is a key maintenance process of every automobile.

Flat Repairs

If your tire gets punctured or otherwise becomes flat, you may need a repair. A flat tire can cause handling issues with your vehicle from minor instability to a sudden pull from a tire blow out. Flat tires can damage your rims and wheels and cause your vehicle to lose traction. Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines offers quick and comprehensive flat repairs.

Tire Storage

At Minit Auto Tirecraft St. Catharines, we will happily store your tires in a safe, atmospherically controlled facility every season, so you don’t have to. We will clean your wheels before placing in storage at the end of every season and rebalance your wheels before installation at the start of every season to ensure their longevity and effectiveness all for a very low cost. To reserve your tire storage seat this season, please Contact Us today.

Light Truck

Owners of light trucks need to take special care of their tires, as they often face unique challenges and situations. Light Truck tires can carry heavier loads and are required if you regularly haul cargo or equipment. They also will run at a higher air pressure to ensure stability while under load. Using a Passenger Rated tire in severe application can lead to tire overload, handling issues and a potential for tire failure. Furthermore, when your vehicle is empty, its lighter weight means driving on snow and ice can be perilous, so the use of snow tires is imperative.

ST Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are heavier-duty tires with a bigger load range and tire pressure than normal tires. Trailer tires are generally narrower and stiffer and are used for utility trailers, boats, and campers. Contact Us today to speak with our Tire Expert for a broad selection of Trailer Tires that are perfect for your needs.

Performance and Custom Wheels

Performance and custom wheels require special examination to determine the proper fitment when installing larger (upsizing) or smaller assemblies. If you are changing your wheels or rims, there could be a good chance you will need new tires and expert advice. Contact Us today to speak with our Tire Expert for a broad selection of Performance and Custom Wheels.


Wheels and Rims

We offer a wide selection of Wheels and Rims in myriad styles and fitments in steel and nonferrous alloys for any season. Check out our Wheel Visualizer or Contact Us to speak with our Tire Expert to find the right Wheels for you.

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