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The Importance of Proper Inflation for Agricultural & Tractor Tires

Proper inflation for your tractor tires is crucial if you want to get your work done properly while also protecting your crops. In fact, incorrect tractor tire pressure can result in increased slip and rolling resistance, which can reduce engine power by 20 – 40%. By taking the time to check your tractor tire pressure and make adjustments as needed, you can:

  • Improve your tractor’s overall performance
  • Reduce tractor tire wear
  • Minimize soil compaction
  • And more!

Perhaps most importantly, proper tire inflation can impact your bottom line. Tractor tires that are properly inflated will have reduced repair and replacement costs. They are also less likely to damage your soil and crops.

Let’s take a look at the information you need to keep in mind when it comes to proper tractor tire inflation.

How Often Should I Check the Inflation of My Tractor Tires?

Tire pressure can be affected by a number of different factors, from the weather to how often they are used. Because there are so many variables, we recommend checking tractor tire pressure at least every week. You may even want to check once a day. Frequent checks will help ensure that you’re never driving your tractor on improperly inflated tires.

When Should I Check My Tractor Tire Pressure?

Inflation recommendations are always based on cold air pressure, and we always recommend that you check your tractor tire pressure in the morning or before you begin using your equipment for the day. Since air is a gas, it expands when it heats up. This expansion can result in an additional two to three pounds of air pressure on your tractor tire when it is warm. Because of this, checking your tire pressure when your tire is warm can result in an inaccurate reading.

How Do I Check My Tractor Tire Pressure?

Your tractor tire pressure can be very easily checked using a calibrated pressure gauge that attaches to your tire’s air valve.

How Do I Know the Recommended Inflation Level for My Tractor Tires?

You recommended tractor tire inflation level can be found in your manufacturer’s load inflation tables. Alternatively, you can speak to the experts at Tiresmith Tirecraft Grande Prairie and they will help you determine the recommended inflation pressure based on your tire’s load and speed ratings.

More Questions About Tractor Tires? Our Experts Can Help

Proper tractor tire inflation saves you money on repairs and replacements, protects your soil and crops from potential damage, and more. If you have questions about tractor tire inflations or are looking for new tractor tires, our experts can help.