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All Terrain Tires

Make Tirecraft Belleville your go to destination for all your on road and off road tire purchases! We stock a variety of tires for any condition from a cross-country road trip to a weekend mudding excursion with the crew; the later calling for an aggressive set of all terrain tires.

Looking to purchase a set of all terrain tires that’s right for you? Give the TIRECRAFT team a call and we’ll help you! We carry many brands including Michelin, Goodyear, General, BFGoodrich, and more!

What are All Terrain Tires?

All terrain tires are built for just that, tackling all terrains. We often hear these tires referred to as AT tires and they can usually be spotted due to their aggressive tread design. All terrains are typically found on pickup trucks or SUV’s like Jeep’s. Their popularity stems from the fact that they can get you from point A to point B no matter the surface you’re driving on.

All terrain tires have features for on road driving as well as off road driving which means you could start your day in the city and end it in a muddy field. Many off road tires feature a deeper and wider groove design; this allows for better traction on loose gravel, sand, or mud because water and debris can be channeled away while the tire makes contact with the ground.

Are All Terrain Tires Worth the Investment?

There’s no doubt that all terrain tires are a great option for someone who enjoys spending some time in the mud even if they do the majority of their driving in the city. If you’re in the market for a tire to suit these driving habits, read on to ensure they’re right for you.


  • Open tread design: traction on uneven surfaces like rocks, and sand can be greatly improved by an open tread design. The way the tread interlocks can also provide great grip in mud and dirt
  • Drivability in all weather: A key benefit to all terrain tires is that most carry the M+S logo and are therefore safe to use all year round. Their aggressive tread pattern helps to get you through the snow and ice that Canadian winters are known for. These tires will provide solid performance in many weather conditions; however, it is important to note that winter tires are built specifically for the snow and will always outperform due to specific rubber compounds and tread designs.
  • Reinforced sidewalls: Do you drive a heavier vehicle or use your vehicle primarily for off road situations? Some all terrain tires are built with reinforced sidewalls to provide increased carrying load capacity.


  • Shortened tread life: all terrain tires are manufactured using a softer rubber which leads to maneuverability through many types of terrain. Unfortunately the softer rubber compound in combination with increased wear and tear from the nature of all terrain driving leads to a shorter tread life.
  • Noisy ride: The aggressive tread design which helps to provide traction on all terrains tends to be noisier than you average all season tire. Typically, on a set of all terrain tires, drivers will hear a louder hum than usual, this is caused by air travelling through the larger grooves in the tire.
  • Higher fuel economy: While slightly more fuel efficient than a full off road tire, all terrain tires still require more energy to roll than your everyday all season tire. You may notice this when you’re stopping for gas on a more frequent basis.

All Terrain Tires Belleville

With a solid understanding of what all terrain tires are and where they’re most useful, it’s time to decide if they’re right for you. If you find yourself travelling highways and spinning your tires in the mud equally, a set of all terrains may be right for you.

The Tirecraft Belleville team is here to help you decide what brand is right for you! Book an appointment today for a non-biased opinion on what tire will work best for your vehicle and driving habits.

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