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Seasonal Maintenance

Rely on Attersley Tirecraft Oshawa for a seasonal maintenance routine that will enhance the performance of your vehicle, prevent breakdowns and protect its value. Regular maintenance can also reduce your fuel expenditure and control pollution, and a seasonal check only takes around 30 minutes.

Attersley Tirecraft Oshawa is legally authorized to meet your vehicle’s seasonal service requirements and we’re pleased to offer seasonal maintenance so you can bring your vehicle to us, instead of your dealership, if you’d prefer. We use only the appropriate parts and procedures, ensuring your vehicle manufacturer is obliged to honour its warranty commitments.

Summer and Winter Maintenance

The maintenance your vehicle requires in the spring to be ready for summer differs slightly to that required in the fall to be prepared for the winter. In the spring, your mechanic should be checking the following:

  • Tire Changeover –Winter tires should be replaced with summer or all season tires
  • Tire Rotation: Tires should be rotated to prevent wear and help prolong use
  • Coolant Levels:These should be topped up and ready for summer temperatures
  • Cabin Air Filter:Should be checked to ensure it is not full of dirt and grime that can reduce the efficacy of your heating and air conditioning systems
  • Five Vital Fluids: Brake system fluid, coolant system fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and differential fluid should all be checked and topped up if necessary.
  • Brakesand Suspension: Brake pads should be inspected and replaced if necessary, and the suspension system parts should be checked for wear and replaced where required
  • Wheel Alignment:After driving over potholes, driving into snow banks and hitting the curb, alignment should be checked to meet the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Oil Change: Engine oil levels should be checked and topped up, with dirty oil being replaced
  • Windshield Wipers and Fluid:wipers should be inspected and replaced where necessary, and wiper fluid should be topped up if required

In the winter, your mechanic will check the same things as in the spring, in addition to:

  • Tire Tread Depth: Tread depth is important to keep your vehicle safely on the roads, particularly for winter tires
  • Battery: The battery should be in good enough condition to last the winter in the cold temperatures when it has to work harder

Do I need service?

Even if your vehicle appears to be running smoothly, unseen problems can lead to expensive repairs down the road. A recent survey by a group known as the Car Care Council found that:

  • 38% of cars had low or dirty engine oil
  • 54% had low tire pressure
  • 28% had inadequate engine cooling
  • 19% needed new belts
  • 16% had dirty air filters
  • 10% had low or contaminated brake fluid

A scheduled stop for maintenance will allow you to plan a day without your car. A breakdown will simply leave you stranded. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual can be an excellent source of information about required service intervals, but bear in mind that most Canadian vehicles need to comply with “severe” service schedules.

Did you know?

The average vehicle on the road today requires $800 in maintenance a year. Those five or more years old need an average of $1,000 in maintenance a year.

Call our shop today! We are here to keep your vehicle in peak condition!

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Choosing All Season Tires: TIRECRAFT’s Best Tips

Deciding what all season tire is best for you involves taking a number of things into consideration. How you drive, where you drive and what you drive all come together to create the right tire for you. Wading through these questions can be a lot of work but here are some helpful hints on how to go about choosing the best all season tires:

Commercial Services

Make TIRECRAFT your first stop for all of your commercial vehicle needs. From tires to services our commercial dealerships throughout Canada will be happy to help you get your vehicle set up with the best equipment and back on the road as quickly as possible.


This place is alway fast and honest and willing to help. Would always recommend this great tire shop

Mel C
Oct 10, 2020

Made an appointment, arrived and my truck was in within minutes. All around good service

Shaun T
Oct 10, 2020

The employees at Attersley Tirecraft helped me out of a big mess. Last night I discovered I had a flat (thankfully I was at home). I gave them a call this morning and they told me to bring it in. After getting some air in the tire to get me there, they took my car into the shop and fixed the tire in less than 15 minutes. Definitely recommend, friendly employees and great service!

Leena Groff
Oct 10, 2020

ALWAYS willing to support my local businesses. Everyone was super friendly and gave it 100 to get me back on the road as quickly as possible. Clean and Safe environment. Highly recommend throughout this trying times. Thanks again to everyone here .

Ricky Dass
Sep 9, 2020

Great service. They were able to take my car on short notice to fix a slow leaking tire. The complete fix took 15 minutes total and I was able to make it to work on time. Highly recommend!

Sam Rockbrune
Aug 8, 2020

Was very very pleased with the service I received from this TireCraft location. These guys take pride in the work they do and it shows. My reproduction rims were a pain to deal with and they took the time to make sure it was done and done correctly and even with all the extra work and messing around they had to do because of my rims they stuck to their price and wouldnt accept more even after I offered it. Would definitely recommend this tire and wheel shop to anyone. Thank you for your patience and expertise Tire Craft!

Dustin Hinchey
Aug 8, 2020

Great place to get tires for a travel trailer. Gary and his team were very helpful, courteous and clearly knew their tires. Over the phone, Gary was able gave me an "out the door" quote - this sounds simple but I was surprise how many places couldn't (or wouldn't) give me prices for trailer tires. They ordered them right away and installed them the next day. The quality of the work and the price were excellent ! I was able to get 4 tires installed for less than $500 including tax. They reminded me to bring them back to be re-torqued after 100 kilometers (for free) and, if I was traveling, I could stop at any "Tirecraft" store in Ontario and they would do the work for free. It was a pleasure dealing with them and I will be back. P.S. They are following all of the COVID protocols to keep everyone safe so make sure you make an appointment with them and bring your mask :)

Vic K
Jul 7, 2020

Courteous staff. Prompt repair to a tire I was told was unrepairable by Van Hemmen in Whitby. Transparent pricing. Saved the cost of replacing an almost new tire. Great service for this covid19 world.

Jane Bowman
Jun 6, 2020

I had nothing but a good experience here. The service is quick and the prices are good as well. I had my winter tires taken off and replaced two of my regular tires and my appointment was always right when I was told it would be. I will be taking my tire business here from now on.

Allen Connor
Jun 6, 2020

The team here at Attersley Tirecraft were very easy to deal with on a recent project restoring a 1950's Chevrolet pickup. We quickly found out these experts were the only people in town who knew how to dissemble and reassemble 3-piece rims that our truck was equipped with. They were quick, professional and they even saved me some money when our original tire stem supplier sent us the wrong inner tubes. Highly recommend this great Oshawa business.

Eric Dornan
May 5, 2020

dropped by this morn with a leak on my front tire. they fit me in as soon as they could. did a proper patch/plug, everyone was great and the guys in back went above to double amd triple check every step. great spot. thx..

lee vansteinburg
Feb 2, 2020

Great Staff, I had ordered tires in December & had to cancel the following day due to some complications in life with money. I was very upset on the phone & asked if they do hold them, I would purchase them eventually in the new year. They called back twice (the first time I did not answer I was apprehensive as if I could purchase them due to finances) However it worked out that I could fit them in and get the tires, and 8 weeks later they still had them, put them on in about 30 minutes, they feel excellent! TOYO OBSERVE GSI-5 215/75 R15 100T from Michelan Defender ATX 215/75 R15s I will keep the Michelans for summer, but I from what I hear these Toyos are excellent in the winter I am more confident now in the upcoming snow falls this winter. Thank you & Great Job!

Jan 1, 2020

They said they are too busy to slap on my winter tires on rims...but there are no cars or customers here. Taking my business elsewhere! Don't waste your time here...

Roger L
Nov 11, 2019

Called in the morning to buy new tires - had them purchased and installed by noon the same day. Very good service.

Liam Bull
Oct 10, 2019

Great staff. Great prices. Good quality tires.

Barkley Family
Sep 9, 2019

Handle my travel trailer tire change with ease. Thanks!

Mark Witzel
May 5, 2019

Great people. Quick tire change over.

Mark Saywell
Apr 4, 2019

Staff was very friendly but not knowledgeable. Drove in with a tire that lost pressure, they checked it and said it was fine. So we drove away, next morning the tire blows up. A $200 job turned to $1000.

Javier Miguelez
Apr 4, 2019

Staff were friendly but not knowledgeable. Went in with tire pressure issues and the mechanic replaced the valve stem at no cost, for which I was thankful for. However, 2 days later, the whole tire blew up on the road and broke the wheel. Long story short, what could've been a $200 tire replacement turned into an extra $1000 for me to buy a new tire, buy a new wheel, and tow my own car back to the United States, not to mention all the stress during my vacation.

Mandy Chow
Apr 4, 2019

Good tire deals.

Tom Perdue
Dec 12, 2018

Would have given them more stars if they had calibrated the winter tire sensors. Drove home on the highway with the tire light on the dash.

Captain Obviuos
Nov 11, 2018

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Jennifer Racioppo
Nov 11, 2018

Professional and friendly. Prices are better than most places.

James Quilty
Sep 9, 2018

Great honest service

Sandy Edwards
Aug 8, 2018

Excellent Tire shop! Got a perfect Hunter Roadforce Balance on my tires! Even a printout showing the remaining "Roadforce Number' for each tire! Now my car drives very smoothly, no vibration at highway speeds! Balancing done right the first time!

Greg Gail Dowd
Jul 7, 2018

Great service every time.

Melissa L
Jun 6, 2018

These guys are awesome!!

Donna Sykes
Feb 2, 2018

Had tires I needed. Quick, efficient service and no wait time! Will be back when needed and will recommend! Thanks!

Donna K
Jan 1, 2018

Fantastic business!! They make sure the customer is satisfied. Best prices around.

Dec 12, 2017

Love that they come to you

Shanay Smith
Oct 10, 2017

Good service

Tom Perdue
Sep 9, 2017

Great pricing. Good customer service.

Khaled Ahmadi
Sep 9, 2017

Tyre replaced quickly with a friendly service

DJ Jay Martooni
Jul 7, 2017

Jon was very helpful ordering the tires we wanted and took the extra time to help pick a style of rims for the tires. When they didn't have a style we liked, he made sure we were informed with the correct sizing/ fitment for our vehicle. The service and installation was amazing and recommend anyone to Jon and the team at Attersley.

Dlfabrication Dalziel
Dec 12, 2016

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