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Motor Vehicle Inspection Service In Hillcrest Village, ON

Motor Vehicle Inspection in Hillcrest Village

When buying, selling or obtaining insurance for a used vehicle, a vehicle inspection is a valuable investment. In some cases, it’s even a must-have. There are different types of vehicle inspections including insurance, safety and emissions checks. Many TIRECRAFT locations offer these services and are compliant with the provincial regulations where they are.

In a typical MVI, a mechanic will inspect a number of parts of a passenger vehicle to confirm they’re in working order. For a truck or bus, there are additional requirements such as inspecting the power train, air brakes, and electric systems.

Insurance Inspections

Most insurance companies require a safety inspection on vehicles that are 10 years old or older before the vehicle can be insured. contact us today for rates and more information.

Provincial Regulated Car Inspection

Most provinces require an out-of-province vehicle inspection before the vehicle can be registered. In most cases, vehicles require this inspection within three months of being brought into the province.

Specific Provincial Regulations

In Canada, provinces all have their own MVI regulations. To obtain more information on your area’s specific Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations, refer to your provincial ministry of transportation.

British Columbia
In B.C., an emissions test known as AirCare is required in some parts of the lower mainland, primarily around Vancouver. This test must be administered every two years in order to comply with legislation.

Ontario has a similar provincial emissions tests in some parts of the province, part of Ontario’s Clean Drive initiative. They are included in the MVI and must be conducted every two years.

Nova Scotia
In Nova Scotia, safety inspections are required every two years. In New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, cars must undergo annual safety inspections.

In Manitoba, both new and used cars are required to have a valid safety check prior to their registration. Dealerships must provide this for new vehicles, and sometimes sellers of used cars will provide a recent inspection as an incentive.

Call M.T. Tirecraft Richmond Hill to book your Motor Vehicle Inspection today!

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