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Go With Goodyear Tires

  • All Goodyear tires are extensively tested to ensure second-to-none performance and reliability
  • Goodyear created the original all season tire, solidifying their reputation as innovators
  • All tires include a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Goodyear tires

Tires are considered an essential part of the safety and performance of any automobile. Brakes only stop the wheels from turning, but the grip of the tires stops your car. They have control of your steering, braking, and acceleration and absorb all the bumps that the road may throw at you.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company are one of America’s most trusted tire companies. Their versatile tires provide rugged off-road traction that does not compromise on-road performance.

Goodyear has been famous for its blimps used for advertising since 1925. Their long-standing relationship with NASCAR has also helped to make them well-known as research and development-focused manufacturer of durable and high-quality tires.

Goodyear tires are continuously developing new technologies for better road comfort and performance that help keep you secure on your every journey. Goodyear tires are your best choice, from compound polymers to tread patterns that keep working when worn. They also offer free roadside assistance, limited mileage warranties, and a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To ensure your better driving experience and maximal performance, Goodyear’s engineers test all tire designs against more than 50 performance criteria and undergo extensive testing. The reliability, control, and comfort are all priorities of Goodyear tires, which want to ensure your family’s safety in any condition on the roads.

The brand has options for all sorts of tires categories, including –

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Trailer
  • Commercial Truck
  • Golf Cart
  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Lawn & Garden

You can buy Goodyear tires at your nearby TIRECRAFT as we feature a full line of quality tires from Goodyear. Regardless of any car or season, we are confident that we have the right tire for your vehicle. Our range for Goodyear tires includes winter tires, performance tires, all-season tires, all-terrain, and light truck and SUV tires.

All these tires are different, and all have their benefits.

Goodyear all-season tires

The Goodyear all-season tires offer high integrity, outstanding value touring all-season tires and passenger all-season tires, providing a smooth ride and excellent handling in all weather conditions.

Goodyear all-season tires include:

  • Fortera SL – If you have a significant need for your vehicle’s big tires and want performance to be maximum, the Goodyear Fortera SL is the right choice for you. Its reinforced shoulder blocks better distribute tire stresses and promote even tread wear. Also, a built-in rim protector defends against accidental curbside scuffs and dents, and a heavily siped tread design with thick chunky tread blocks offers excellent traction in all kinds of weather.
  • Assurance triple tread – The interlocking tread design with continuous siping gives better traction on ice, snow, and other slippery surfaces. It also gives better handling on dry pavement and enhances long term durability by spreading out stress on the tire.
  • Assurance fuel max – The Assurance Fuel Max incorporates new fuel-saving technologies. The key feature is the new rubber compound designed to lower rolling resistance and save up to 4,000 km worth of fuel over the life of your all four tires.
  • Assurance CS triple tread – This tire comes with TripleTred Technology that provides distinct traction zones for all-season weather. Traction grooves in these tires are designed to refresh as the tread wears away for the same excellent traction on your last kilometre as your first kilometre.
  • Assurance CS fuel max – The Assurance CS Fuel Max tire can save up to 4,000 km more driving time on the same amount of gas as competitors due to the innovative compound they’ve created. This compound lowers rolling resistance, so the tire takes less energy to start rolling.
  • Eagle F1Assymetric – If you drive a high-end vehicle that needs extreme traction for all seasons, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season has the balanced capabilities to keep you moving most of the year.
  • Eagle Sport Eagle LS2 – For an all-season tire that can meet the performance needs of your high-end vehicle, you should consider the superior capabilities of the Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season.
  • Assurance comforted touring – If you need a tire that is ready to soak up thousands of kilometres of highway, the Goodyear Assurance comforted touring is an option that will do just that.
  • Fourtera HL – If you want the proven reliability, comfort, and performance of Goodyear on your SUV, the Goodyear Fortera HL is an excellent option.

Benefits of Goodyear all-season tires are –

  • Good handling all year long – Goodyear all-season tires allow you to have excellent control and shorter break time on wet, dry, or slick roads, thus providing an outstanding, well-rounded driving experience. They also offer a great blend of both summer and winter handling performance.
  • Quite and smooth ride – Goodyear all-season tires offer you the quietest and comfortable ride due to their consistent ribs and slots that helps in decreasing noise and improving overall stability.
  • Affordable – Goodyear all-season tires are usually more affordable than other tires. These tires themselves are more affordable, but they also offer better fuel efficiency.

Goodyear winter tires

Goodyear’s winter tire range offers drivers a number of choices based on their needs. Drivers will find great performance snow tires in the Eagle series, and the Ultra Grip and Ultra Grip Ice WRT are excellent choices for regular use winter tires.

Goodyear winter tires include –

  • Ultra grip – If you are looking for a safe and affordable winter tire built with Goodyear expertise and engineering, consider the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tire as the best choice.
  • Ultra-grip WRT – The Goodyear Ultra Grip WRT is the premium winter option for the safety-oriented SUV/CUV driver looking for the best possible traction this winter.
  • Ultra-grip ice WRT – The Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT for cars and minivans is the premium ice tire for winter and would be an excellent choice.
  • Ultra-grip ice WRT LT – Looking for the best possible combination of hauling, traction, and durability this winter, you cannot go wrong with selecting the Goodyear Ultra Grip WRT for your light truck.

Benefits of Goodyear winter tires are –

  • Biting Edges – Goodyear winter tires feature an increased number of biting edges and high sipe densities. It means thousands of tiny slits in the tread provide better ice traction to your vehicle.
  • The Tread Depth and Patterns – Goodyear winter tires have deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns. These help in reducing snow buildup and providing better traction on the snow. The tread patterns are designed to channel snow and expel water.
  • The Tread Rubber – Goodyear tread rubber compounds of winter tires are designed to remain flexible, thus allowing the tire to grip and give a better experience.

Goodyear performance tires

Goodyear’s experience with motor racing extends to performance tires and ultra-high-performance tires. The Eagle range includes extreme high performance and ultra-high-performance summer tires and high-performance all-season tires.

Goodyear performance tires include –

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 – If you are looking for an advanced summer tire at the forefront of modern tire technology, the Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2 is definitely a perfect fit for your race-inspired vehicle.

Benefits of Goodyear performance tires are –

  • Stable and Responsive – Goodyear performance tires boast off top-level stability. These tires are incredibly responsive, and it does not matter on which surface you are driving; these performance tires’ responsiveness will baffle you.
  • Heat Dispersion – Overheating is a major cause of a tire’s failure. Goodyear performance tires avoid this by using heat dispersion which help to contribute to the longevity of performance tires.
  • Seasonal Suitability – Goodyear high-performance tires are also best in warm, dry weather, giving exceptional handling and control because of their softer sticky grip.

Goodyear all-terrain tires

The Goodyear all-terrain Wrangler line is designed for those serious about taking their vehicles on extreme off-road adventures. The aggressive tread design will help drivers stay in control of any situation.

Goodyear all-terrain tires include –

  • Wrangler MT/R – Informed off-road drivers choose a tire that not only has performance but the durability to help protect your tire investment. The Goodyear Wrangler MT/R meets both of these qualifications with flying colours.
  • Wrangler HP – The tread design in Wrangler HP continues with blocks through the sidewall gives you to grip even in the most bottomless mud or most awkward positions.
  • Wrangler duratrac – The Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac is an excellent option for drivers that would like premium off-road performance without sacrificing their highway comfort.
  • Wrangler radial – If you want a stylish and capable off-road set of tires for your light truck, you should consider the Goodyear Wrangler Radial.
  • Wrangler all-terrain – If you enjoy the wilderness and need an optimal grip on mud, gravel, and sand, the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain accommodates all your off-road needs without sacrificing highway performance.

Benefits of Goodyear all-terrain tires are –

  • Rugged grip in mud and snow – Goodyear’s tactivegroove technology delivers enhanced traction on mud and snow. Goodyear’s all-terrain tires are studdable for increased traction in harsh conditions.
  • Self-cleaning shoulder blocks – Goodyear all-terrain tires feature staggered open shoulder blocks that enhance water dispersion and self-cleaning, resulting in more grip and traction.
  • Wheel rim protection – The rim protectors in all-terrain tires help prevent accidental curb damage in your vehicle and make your drive safe, smooth, and comfortable. It helps prevent wheel slip throughout the tire’s life and offers a built-in rim protector to help protect wheels from accidental damage on- and off-road.

Goodyear truck/ SUV tires

Goodyear’s product offering for light trucks and SUVs includes Assurance all-season options as well as the Wrangler series for off-road or heavy-duty driving needs. The Wrangler Silent Armour and Wrangler Dura-Trac offer superior load carrying capabilities and tough tread compounds to stand up to severe service.

Goodyear truck/ SUV tires include –

  • Wrangler HT truck tires – If you need a tire built for heavy loads, the Goodyear Wrangler HT has the strength and durability to keep your fleet moving all year long.
  • Wrangler SR-A – Want your vehicle to maintain the same level of driving comfort and traction, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A is perfect for you.

Benefits of Goodyear SUV/ truck Goodyear tires are –

  • Improved handling and performance – Goodyear SUV/truck tires are built to support the needs of the SUV, CUV, and truck driver in terms of handling and performance. They will tackle any terrain while providing a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Goodyear SUV and truck tires portray your vehicle’s rugged and powerful appearance. The lineup provide a more aggressive looking tire.
  • Better controllability -Goodyear SUV/ truck tire provides good handling to your vehicle. The tread block placement in these tires enhances the steering responsiveness and driving stability. The steering becomes faster and more precise. Better controllability guarantees a safer driving experience for you.

Goodyear makes both original equipment and replacement tires. Goodyear has produced OE tires for several luxury brands such as -

  • BMW
  • Nissan
  • Ferrari
  • Maserati
  • Mercedes
  • Land Rover
  • Audi

Goodyear tires are an excellent option for those who would like premium off-road performance without sacrificing their highway comfort. Their performance makes them a favourite among off-roaders, motorbike enthusiasts, and day to day commuters.

If still in doubt, you can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT. We bring the power of Goodyear's legacy to drivers across Canada. Our qualified technicians guide you in selecting the right Goodyear tire for your vehicle. We recommend Goodyear tires to our customers because of their innovative technology, positive feedback, and renowned industry reputation, making them a great option for many drivers.

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