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Toyota Repair in Hillcrest Village, ON

Toyota Service Center

Your car is your investment, and it is important to properly maintain your vehicle to make sure your investment lasts. You should invest in regular vehicle maintenance just like any other mechanical asset as it will help diagnose or eliminate big problems that can happen down the road. If your vehicle is not regularly maintained, the engine could seize, and the vehicle could stop working.

At TIRECRAFT, we provide you with regular service and maintenance for your Toyota. We aim to provide you with the best services as we put together a handy guide so you know when and why to bring in your Toyota car for routine maintenance.

Some of our services for Toyota includes –

1.   Oil change services – Usually, a Toyota engine needs synthetic oil, which was designed to hold out on breaking down its compounds to last longer. Performing your Toyota oil change at recommended maintenance intervals is a great way to keep it running great and maintain its value. At TIRECRAFT, we help you protect against corrosion, prevent foaming and maintain the proper application.

We provide additional oil services such as:

  • Removal of an old oil filter and installation of a new one
  • Removal of engine oil which is replaced with new clean oil
  • Replacement of ignition plugs
  • Replacement of air & fuel filters

2.   Mechanical repair service- At TIRECRAFT, we provide mechanical repairs such as shock absorber replacement, suspension repair etc. We aim to deliver the highest quality standards to you. For Toyota wear-and-tear repairs such as brake pad replacement, brake disc replacement, we only provide you with the original parts that are specifically designed.

3.   Tire replacement services – With the safety and performance of your Toyota on the line, it is important to get your tires replaced at the right time. Without a high-quality set of tires, you are likely not maximizing your vehicle’s performance. At TIRECRAFT, we offer you all-terrain, all-season, all weather and winter tires to maximize your speed and ensure your safety. We also perform an inspection of your tires and make recommendations to extend the life of each set. We also help you determine the driving habits that may also impact the performance of your Car.

4.   Wheel alignment services – A wheel alignment is a simple service that has many benefits as it saves your money and prevents other costly and premature maintenance. To ensure that your Toyota travels in a straight line, we at TIRECRAFT perform a wheel alignment at regularly scheduled service intervals. A proper wheel alignment usually means reduced fuel consumption as your vehicle will have reduced rolling resistance as you travel down the road. Getting a proper wheel alignment service is a matter of convenience and a matter of safety.

5.   Batteries – Batteries are an important part of your vehicle. If your battery doesn’t work, you won’t be going anywhere. At TIRECRAFT, routine battery inspections on your Toyota can help you detect when to buy a new battery before it leaves you stranded.

At TIRECRAFT, we maintain and repair your Toyota as conveniently as possible. We try to give complete Toyota maintenance correctly and quickly. PLUS, for even more convenience, we have the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program, which definitely benefits you in many ways.

TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program

At TIRECRAFT, we are committed to providing you satisfaction with our trained technicians. Not only you do benefit from expert advice and vast product selection, but your tire purchase or mechanical service is backed by our “TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus” program.

In this program, we offer :

  1. Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty
  2. 12 Month, 20,000km Mechanical Warranty
  3. 30 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee
  4. FREE Flat Repairs
  5. Road Hazard Coverage
  6. FREE Tire Rotations

If you are looking for a Toyota service center near you, book a service appointment at your local TIRECRAFT. Our certified technicians will ensure that your Toyota provides a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride.

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