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Buy Pick Up and Light Truck Tires in White Hills, ON

Pick Up and Light Truck Tires in White Hills

The truck’s appeal has widened in recent years, and now many country and city dwellers alike have chosen one as their family vehicle. Of course, with the increased interest in this type of transportation comes higher quality and more advanced tire options giving drivers a huge range of truck tires to choose from.

Impact of Truck Tires’ Tread Design

The impact of the tread that you choose for your tires extends not just to the look of your tire but, more importantly, the way it handles. Tread patterns continue to evolve, improve and change while addressing the performance needs of truck owners. Luckily, there is a tire for whatever kind of driving you do.

The TIRECRAFT range features models from:

Pick-up truck tire tread designs are where personal preferences also become part of the selection process, almost as much as considerations of the vehicle’s use. For example, it’s common for someone using their truck for off-roading to want that tough truck image with an aggressive tread design. This will certainly help make a statement, but will also be useful when trying to get un-stuck from mud or other terrain.

In much the same way that a tire designed to perform in warm weather means quite often it will not perform well in the cold weather, a tire designed for off-road performance will not operate as well on the road.

Truck Tire Tread Options

As we mentioned above, the tread is one of the most important parts of the tire. There are a number of types of treads available including:

Highway Tread (HT): these designs typically come in the traditional style with four circumferential grooves for water evacuation. In general, they also feature solid or large tread blocks on the shoulder to provide long mileage, a quiet, smooth ride and increased fuel economy.

All Terrain Tread (AT): these treads are designed for drivers who like a more aggressive look for their vehicle, or who tend to frequently head off road. There is less rubber coming into contact with the road in what is known as the contact patch but these tires do feature an aggressive tread design in order to create more traction when the truck is driving on surfaces other than pavement.

Mud Terrain Tread (MT): this is the tread design for serious off-road drivers as they are very aggressive and have small contact pads but do feature a deep initial rubber offering. These tires are designed for truck owners who enjoy off roading a lot with their vehicles and need an aggressive tread to dig through all that is thrown at them.

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