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Why Hankook Tires?

  • Kontrol Technology improves handling and stability in all conditions
  • Reduced noise and vibrations result in a more comfortable driving experience
  • Durable designs ensure long-lasting tread life

Hankook Tires- Performance & Quality

The Hankook Tire Group is the seventh-largest tire company in the world. Hankook Tire Canada has its head office in Brampton, Ontario.

In addition to having five R&D centres worldwide, the company invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that its consumers can always count on the latest technology.

Hankook is well known for its high-quality tires that offer drivers an uncompromised ride while being environmental leaders. As a result, they supply racing tires to many top teams participating in famous races like Le Mans and the Super GT and pass along their winning technology, so you get great value and high-performance tires.

All-season SUVs, light trucks, and ultra-high-performance tires are among their product lines. Furthermore, they manufacture commercial bus and truck tires.  Hankook’s all-season tire range at TIRECRAFT focuses on the Optimo models, premium touring tires designed for passenger cars, luxury models, and SUVs.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, June 20, 2020: Hankook tire logo on a black background, on the side of the tire.

Hankook Tires — All Season

TIRECRAFT offers some varieties of all-season tires. These are;

  1. Optimo H426 – These tires provide comfort while driving and an elegant style. To effectively reduce noise, the Optimo H426 is designed with five pitches to optimize the lateral grooves.
  2.  Optimo H724 – If you are looking for a long-lasting, affordable tire for your vehicle, the Hankook Optimo H724 provides a comfortable option to keep you safe on the road.
  3. Optimo H727 – If you are looking for a comfortable all-season tire option for your car, the Hankook Optimo H727 is well suited to your needs.
  4. Optimo H725 – The Hankook Optimo H725 is a great option for anyone who is used to spending time on the road and looking for a tire that is both comfortable and long-lasting.

Hankook winter tires

Winter driving can be nerve-wracking, especially for Canadian drivers. But Hankook winter tires are extensively designed with better grip, decreasing the risk of hydroplaning, and testing unbeatable handling, control, and confidence on snowy and icy roads.

TIRECRAFT offers a variety of winter tires such as;

  1.  Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo – The Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo is a winter tire designed for drivers who want to maintain performance no matter the weather. i*Cept Evo winter tires are an excellent option if you plan to drive this winter in all types of weather and need an affordable, high-performance solution.
  2. Hankook iPike RW11 – The iPike RW11 is a great option for consumers seeking exceptional winter performance, and with the addition of studs, its performance on ice is extended to new levels.
  3. Hankook i*cept EVO 2 (W320) – If you are looking for a winter tire that offers highly efficient performance at an affordable price, you should put Hankook Icept EVO 2 Winter Tires at the top of your list.
  4.  Hankook Winter i*Pike – These winter tires offer both enhanced traction and enhanced stability for those drivers who require it during the winter months.

Hankook light truck/SUV tires

Hankook’s SUV and light truck tires are specially designed to prolong wear and offer your vehicle great fuel efficiency while providing traction and stability.

Some varieties of SUV/ Light truck tires offered by TIRECRAFT are;

  1. Ventus ST – These tires were designed especially for high-performance, luxury SUVs and light trucks. Their quiet ride makes them a great choice for SUV owners looking for long-lasting tires.
  2. Dynapro MT – If you are looking for a tire with high traction, high durability, and can handle all your heavy hauling, Hankook Dynapro MT is the tire for you.
  3. Dynapro AT– If you’re looking for an off-road tire that provides extreme traction and durability for the toughest trail conditions, the Hankook Dynapro AT-m has all the advanced features and robust construction enhancements you could ask for.

Hankook performance tires

Hankook performance tires are the best as they make the most of what’s been learned on the track and pass that latest technology to consumers. Performance tires by Hankook give you an all-around excellent driving experience. No matter what performance factors you are looking for, all are found in performance tires.

Some varieties of Hankook performance tires offered by TIRECRAFT are;

  1. Ventus V2 – If you need an ultra-high-performance tire with incredible wet traction, the Hankook Ventus V2 tire will not disappoint.
  2. Ventus V4 ES – This tire’s unique compound enhances winter traction without compromising wet or dry handling, and its firm centre rib improves stopping distance and acceleration performance.

Pros of buying Hankook tires;

  1. Quiet and comfortable ride - Hankook tires help in safety and superior handling to your vehicle in addition to minimizing noise.
  2. Great fuel efficiency - Some models of Hankook tires have been designed with a special silica-based tread compound that provides great fuel efficiency to your vehicles.
  3. Outstanding braking - Hankook tires feature an asymmetrical tread pattern, enabling better road grip and thus increased braking ability.
  4. Improved handling - Hankook tires are made from a softer rubber and have more rigid sidewalls that enable better traction at higher speeds. This, as a result, gives your car better hug tight curves and provides a smoother driving experience. The wide surfaces also help you stop your car quickly, improving road safety and reducing wear and tear.

Cons of buying Hankook tires;

  1. Affordability - Although Hankook tires are significantly cheaper than some of the more expensive brands, they are still more expensive than some more affordable brands like Nexen and Cooper.
  2. Vehicle types - Hankook does not manufacture tires for all types of vehicles, which is a disadvantage that could be discouraging to some customers.

If still in doubt, you can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT. We bring the power of Hankook legacy to customers across Canada, and our qualified technicians can guide you in selecting the right Hankook tire for your vehicle.

We recommend Hankook tires to our customers because of its innovative technology, positive feedback, and renowned industry reputation, making it a healthy option for many drivers.

Come see us today at TIRECRAFT to learn more about the variety of tires we offer, or to book an appointment at one of our service locations.

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