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Deciding what all season tire is best for you involves taking a number of things into consideration. How you drive, where you drive and what you drive all come together to create the right tire for you. Wading through these questions can be a lot of work but here are some helpful hints on how to go about choosing the best all season tires:

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TIRECRAFT is pleased to offer a wide range of automotive services including your vehicle’s factory required maintenance to ensure your vehicle performs optimally. Book your winter tire change-over and seasonal tune-up now to ensure your vehicle is in peak condition!


Quick and friendly service

Dec 12, 2020

Just stopped for some air for my rear tire as I noticed it was low and I'm not from London. Thought a tire shop would be accommodating and willing to help. NOPE! NOT THE CASE! I ask the lady at the service counter, she said it wasn't as easy as just putting air in the tire and was very rude! Thanks London for being so helpful and friendly! NOT.

Jay G
Nov 11, 2020

So disappointing. Went in to the nearby shop just needing a couple bolts. Common bolts, could have walked into any dealership and they would have had a jar of them like candy. I was hoping to A: save a drive if I could just walk and B: was going to ask about service rates on my vehicle, as I do like supporting local businesses over corporations. With a very sinister and greedy smile, the woman working charged me $5 for 2 screws I could have bought at Canadian tire for 10 cents or gotten for free anywhere else. Will never go there again and do NOT recommend. If they are gouging on tiny items, can only imagine the big ticket items.... Had it been my business, I would have given the bolts free just to promote my business and as a show of customer service.

Ant White
Oct 10, 2020

Great, prompt clear service!

r.a Rodrigues
Jul 7, 2020

I was a longtime Patron from the 70s Wally and Pete were the best at their jobs they enjoyed working with the customer and for the customer any issues they would solve my experience with this new manager the daughter of Wally is the rudest most inconsiderate I'm willing to help person I have ever met the issue I had is small it could have been resolved with compromise but this person chose the show me the door unprofessional unfriendly don't waste your time or money going there if I could go below 1 * I would she's that rude and the mechanic Mike told me not to even bother using the tire I brought in unbelievable

peter masuch
Jun 6, 2020

I am very happy with the service that you provide at your place.

Robert Shaw
Apr 4, 2020

I inquired about some rims and tires. I was advised that the person that could answer my questions was currently out but would return within an hour or so. Although they took my number and E mail. I never received any follow up. I placed several calls over three days and never was able to reach the ummm one person who could answer my questions and sell me the products. However there was several people working apparently no one could answer simple questions or sell me the products I was seeking. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Take your money somewhere that they appreciate your time and your patronage.

roy mcelmon
Mar 3, 2020

Staff is amazing. Helped me select quality winter tires. Prices are reasonable for all services and you know they want to help you.

Natalee Davis
Nov 11, 2019

Nancy is rude and confrontational. Many mistakes. It would be wise to do business elsewhere.

Nov 11, 2019

5 stars because they were polite, respectful and treated me like a person. Other tire shops in the area should take a lesson from them on proper customer service!

Kailey Michnal
Nov 11, 2019

My "go to" tire folks! They've never steered me wrong 😉 Fabulous service with very knowledgeable staff, highly skilled in the field of TireCraft.

M. Cawston
Nov 11, 2019

This garage is awesome, a very neighbourhood friendly feel to it. I have been taking my car to Mike for over 5 years and every time I am there it is a pleasure doing business with him and Nancy! I fully trust their work and I don't ever feel like I'm being taken advantage of (being a female in a mainly male environment). Their customer service is consistently 10/10 and their prices are very reasonable and competitive. Love this place :)

Nikki Metron
Oct 10, 2019

Staff is always friendly and helpful, and the work is done on time, at a fair price.

Don Bruce
Sep 9, 2019

Always very accomdating and friendly staff..and excellent work!

Karen F
Sep 9, 2019

Fast friendly service. Clean waiting area, extremely friendly people running the place and overall great customer service. Patched my tire and I was in and out in about 20 or so minutes. Excellent price too. There is a lot of repeat business which says a lot about the work they do and how they treat their customers.

skawt meades
Aug 8, 2019

What a friendly and honest place to take your vehicle! I would highly recommend this place.

Christina Dickson
Aug 8, 2019

Great people and service.

Aug 8, 2019

This has been the worst experience at a mechanic shop I have ever had. I had a flat tire, so I had the spare tire put on then brought damaged tire to Forest city tire London for them to repair. They had time to repair it rite away as there were no vehicles in the shop and the mechanics were standing around. So they repaired the tire and installed it. 2 days later the wheel almost came off when I was driving on highway 401, I was 1.5 hours from home. It was 4pm so I tried calling forest city tire London as they close at 5pm. But there was no answer, they had closed an hour early. I waited for 5 hours for a tow truck and had the vehicle towed to Canadian Tire Chatham where they did the repairs. Canadian Tire was my best bet as they are open on weekends to do repairs, I needed my vehicle asap as I was stating my holidays which this incident shaved off 2 days. Tow cost 300 and repair bill was 450. 3 out of 5 studs snapped rite off, there was only 1 but holding the wheel on. After dealing with Nancy - shop manager I had realized they were not going to help me out with the bills and only paid about half. She tried putting the blame on everyone else but them. I still have a damaged rim from this too. The shop manager has horrible customer experience and is horrible to deal with. Forest city tire London does not tell vehicle owners to have there wheels retorked 80-100kms after the wheel has been off. All other tire and mechanic shops list this on the receipt so they are not liable for this. But why not forest city tire? All aluminum rims need to be retorked 80-100kms after being worked on. I would not recommend this place to anyone at all. Loosing a wheel or having a wheel come loose is so dangerous. I'm lucky and they are lucky this wasn't a worse situation. Beware!

Dustin Van Rensen
Aug 8, 2019

Horrible customer service. Very condescending

llama face
Jul 7, 2019

Thank you for all you do!

Ruby Eimer
Apr 4, 2019

Never before have I been treated so rudely by a mechanic, this ones name is MIKE. I had my older vehicle brought to this establishment to have it looked over. To only find two days later my new rockers looked funny. I look under to find all four corners had been pushed up by a hydraulic hoist, for some reason not under the frame. I understand things happen so I call to straighten things out. “Mechanic” MIKE who looked at my vehicle, began to tell me if my rockers which I ”claimed“ are new and installed properly they shouldn’t have crumpled like that when lifted by the hoist. Then MIKE proceeds to tell me he didn’t do it, he doesn’t know how it happened, that my car is a rusty old junker and lots of other rude things, and we are at an impasse because he isn’t going to fix or pay to fix any of this. He also diagnosed the vehicle wrong said it needed a new steering rack. I took it to a real Mechanic who replaced the inner tie rod and stabilizer link, problem solved. I never called “mechanic” MIKE a liar, I just was connecting the obvious dots. Someone at that Tire Craft did it and they won’t fix the problem and now I’m out of pocket again for it. MIKE also said my fuel lines were installed improperly, I had a mechanic install brand new fuel lines back to front so I don’t know what he’s talking about. “Mechanic” MIKE has awful customer service skills, and from my experience not very good mechanical skills either. Terrible Post customer service, I give 1 star because there is no lower. I hope everyone avoids this disgruntled employee. Below is my “rusty junker” which I love and what MIKE did to it.

Maximillion Meyer
Mar 3, 2019

Nancy and John are amazing!!! This is the place to go for any of your vehicles needs!!

Soundwav Productions
Jan 1, 2019

Had to switch one of the four tires on my car as it wobbles the car 🚘.got it done quick and cheaper than all other shops I called before. Thank you

Jan 1, 2019

I shopped around to get a quote on some tire work I had. Every place quoted me a bill that was two to three times as expensive as the final bill I received from Forest City Tirecraft. Nancy (the owner) made me a coffee and we chatted about how dishonest most garages are these days. But not her business, and it was obvious. She's built her great reputation on honesty, integrity, and treating the customer fairly in every circumstance. The end result is work done right at a significantly lower cost than you would find elsewhere. Forest City is a gem in an industry packed full of thieves and scammers. I plan on returning for years to come and to recommending this place out to friends and family. Nancy, thank you for doing things the right way and treating the customer as fairly as you do. Incredible businessperson, amazing service, outstanding low and fair prices. Bring your vehicle here - you won't be disappointed!

Richard Andrews
Jan 1, 2019

Always great and friendly service. Quality work done as well.

Jason Dickson
Nov 11, 2018

Excellent, efficient and timely service. Honest, up front and respectful!!!

Gary Overholt
Nov 11, 2018

I have been taking my vehicle to Nancy and John for well over 10 years. I originally went there based on 2 seperate referrals. ( well warranted ) They always give me the best service I could expect along with answering any questions I have. I couldn't imagine any better service or price.

Greg F.
Oct 10, 2018

WIcked awesome. The prices are great and the service is fast. They know their stuff.

Sugar Mei Holdings
Oct 10, 2018

Thoughtful, helpful, suggested better tire at same price as the ones I suggested with far better warranty. Owner Nancy even made me a coffee. Fast and efficient. Great pricing. Couldn't ask for more when buying tires.

Dave Park
Sep 9, 2018

Great service. I have had my tries installed there on several occasions. Friendly staff and a little park/trail to have a walk while you wait.

Jacob Bodzek
Sep 9, 2018

Friendly staff

Scott Jones
Sep 9, 2018

I had a great experience with Forest City Tirecraft in London, ON . I had a nail in my one tire in April, I popped in, got the tire filled and repaired so very quickly, and ordered two new tires. I was told I could get them installed whenever it worked for me. I went in yesterday to get the new tires installed, and was thrilled to discover the quote from April was all inclusive! The price was substantially less than the other Tire shops. They were quick to put on, and the shop is clean and shiny, with a lovely bathroom and art! the customer service is excellent, such a lovely way to do business! Thank you.

Donna Currie
Jun 6, 2018

I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

Tom Trampleasure
Jun 6, 2018

Most auto repair shops can’t be a nightmare but I could not be more impressed with the service I received. The staff were completely professional, friendly as well as honest. Mike explained the diagnosis of my car and what repairs needed to be made. Once they got into the repair they found another problem and called me immediately to address the situation. I was asked if I needed extra time to think about the other repair. I found that they were very understanding not pushy at all. Nancy even made accommodations so that I could go to work in the morning as my car would now take extra time. I would recommend this business to everyone!

Pd McNiece
Jun 6, 2018

Walking into this shop is like walking into an episode of "Cheers." Not only are they the friendliest people, they do amazing work and I trust them completely. I have been dealing them for years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. If I move out of London, i'm bringing them with me!

Emily Collins
May 5, 2018

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