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Why BFGoodrich Tires?

  • America's original—and most trusted—tire manufacturer
  • Superior handling and high performance
  • Durable construction makes them a premier off-road option

INTRODUCING the NEW BFGoodrich Winter T/A® KSI  Tire! This tire has the looks and capability to take you through the toughest of Canadian winters. Read More

As America’s original tire manufacturer, BFGoodrich has been producing tires since 1896. Today their range includes winter tires, all season tires and performance tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs and trucks as well as commercial truck, farm and airplane tires. BFGoodrich tires are designed with the driving enthusiast in mind, and they’ll equip your vehicle with the ability to drive through any number of situations to get you safely to your destination.

BFGoodrich has a rich history both in road racing and off road Baja racing, which they first won in 1972. From this experience comes the performance street tires of today and one of the most sought after off road tires for todays pick up trucks. Their racing innovation has helped them develop some of their most popular tires, including the Advantage T/A and the Winter Slalom and cement their reputation as one of the best off-road tire options.

Drivers looking for superior handling might already be familiar with the Radial TA which is popular amongst car enthusiasts looking for a stylish appearance and high performance. It’s now one of the most frequently driven tires and is made for all types of vehicles and seasons. Stop into your local TIRECRAFT to speak with an expert and find the right BFGoodrich Tires for your vehicleS.

BFGoodrich Tires — All Season

BFGoodrich Tires — All Season

The Advantage T/A is an everyday tire that offers great handling. The Commercial Traction T/A is designed for all season traction for commercial vehicle drivers who mainly travel the highways but might require a bit more traction.

BFGoodrich Tires — Winter

The Winter T/A® KSI is a very well-known BFGoodrich tire. These tires are designed for passenger cars, SUV/CUV and light duty pick up trucks. They offer excellent winter driving handling and stability in wet, snow covered, slushy and icy road conditions.

BFGoodrich Tires — Light Truck/SUV

The BFGoodrich line of tires is designed for truck and SUV owners who know how to use their vehicles to the fullest! Some of the specialist options include Long Trail TA Tour for SUVs and CUVs, Radial Long Trail TA for those sticking to the highways and Rugged Trail TA with a more aggressive tread, and the Mud Terrain T/A KM2 which is an aggressive off road tire.

BFGoodrich Tires — Performance

The G-Force Rival is the extreme performance summer tire, and offers both ultra high performance summer tires and all season tires. The G-Force Super Sport A/S is a high performance tire with all season capabilities and is available in H&V speed ratings. The Radial TA and Radial TA Spec are still today’s most sought after performance all season tires.

In 1986, BFGoodrich merged operations with Uniroyal and became the Uniroyal Goodrich Company. In 1989, Michelin purchased the Uniroyal Goodrich Company and carried on using the trademarked brand BFGoodrich as one of their tire lines.

BFGoodrich tires have been at the centre of many modern success stories, including being used on the first vehicle that crossed America in 1903 and being used in 1927 when Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis made the first non-stop fight across the Atlantic ocean. A focus of BFGoodrich was always on rubber technology, and they developed the first rubber wound golf ball, the first tubeless tire in 1947 and the first U.S space suits.