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Focus on Firestone Tires

  • Environmentally focused, with goals of reducing their C02 emissions by 25% by 2020, without sacrificing tire quality
  • Racing experience has helped shape Firestone as a respected name for high performance tires
  • Original equipment manufacturer for many car companies

Firestone Tires

Want a trusted performance behind your wheel? Then there is no better option than Firestone tires

Since 1900, Firestone has been making tires. Harvey Firestone founded the company in Akron, Ohio. The brand is owned by another huge tire/rubber company Bridgestone. The company is one of the best sellers in providing the best quality tires.

TIRECRAFT features a full line of quality tires from Firestone. Regardless of any car or season, we’re confident that we have the right tire for your vehicle. Our range for firestone tires includes winter tires, performance tires, all-season tires, all weather tires and light truck and SUV tires.

All these tires are different, and all have their individual benefits.

Firestone winter tires

Firestone’s Winterforce line of a winter tire is known for its aggressive open tread. It has high-density sipes that offer outstanding traction in winters on icy or hard-packed snow or any slushy conditions. Some benefits of Firestone winter tires are:

  1. Noise reduction while driving
  2. Highly reliable performance on braking
  3. Very elegant design
  4. Comfortable and smooth when driving

The Winterforce tires design features multiple circumferential channels that clear away liquid from the road surface so that the tire can better reach the available traction, and this thus helps keep you from hydroplaning.

Thus, these tires are perfect for your vehicle if you are looking for an extra level of ice and snow traction as they come pre-molded for studs that give you better performance in extreme weather conditions. Please consult local regulations for use of studded tires.

Performance tires

Firestone’s performance tires have a long history with racing which make sure that its performance tires are unsurpassed. TIRECRAFT provides Firehawk performance tires for your vehicle. If you are looking for exceptional handling, these tires are perfect as they provide excellent high performance in all seasons. Some benefits of Firehawk performance tires are:

  1. Produces noise-cancelling sound waves
  2. Key-hole sipes maintain like-new traction and appearance
  3. A very dynamic and sporty looking tire
  4. Excellent steering response and precision
  5. Highly reliable & predictable in wet conditions

So, with its sidewall design and attractive tread, the Firehawk tire looks like it performs like a champion for your vehicle.

Firestone all season tires

For standard and touring tires, Firestone’s all-season tires provide good all-season traction and mileage. TIRECRAFT recommends all-season tires for most months of the year, except when the temperature is commonly below 7°C. Some benefits of all-season tire by Firestone are:

  1. Excellent handling and grip on dry surfaces
  2. Saves fuel because of the low-rolling-resistance design
  3. Good braking in dry weather
  4. Fairly quiet at higher speeds
  5. Excellent tread life and long tread wear warranty
  6. Plush ride quality over uneven surfaces

So, if you want to save money and want a quality tire, then Firestone all season tires will serve you well. They drive excellent on dry roads but are also safe enough for use on wet roads.

Light truck SUV tires

TIRECRAFT provides the Destination series Firestone tires, which further provide four options to cater to your truck’s driving preferences and needs. These are:

  • The Destination ST
  • The Destination LE
  • The Destination AT
  • The Destination MT

The Destination ST is an excellent performance tire. The Destination LE is better for city and highway driving. The Destination AT meets your all-terrain needs, and the Destination MT is for the true off-road enthusiast.

Some benefits of Firestone Light truck/ SUV tires are:

  1. modern, sporty design and appearance
  2. good rolling resistance and mileage
  3. high economic stability in both wet and dry conditions

We can say that destination’s all-terrain tread combines the off-road performance with highway comfort many driving conditions.

If you are a nature lover, then Firestone is the best choice for you as they have a strong track record in environmental responsibility. They have been refining their processes to ensure that less waste is produced to ultimately reduce their CO2 emissions by 25% all while not reducing quality.

Firestone isn’t just focusing on their manufacturing, but they’ve also been creating more fuel-efficient tires and supporting initiatives to educate the consumers on maximizing tire life and fuel conservation to reduce the overall impact of driving.

Firestone brand tires are recommended to be removed from service after ten years regardless of their remaining tread depth. The brand also suggests periodic inspections by a qualified technician for damage such as punctures, impact damage, signs of improper inflation, or other conditions resulting from the use or misuse of the tire.

You can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT, where our qualified technicians will help you to find the right tires for your driving needs.

Firestone Tires — All Terrain

In 1988, Firestone was purchased by Bridgestone, making the combined company the largest producer of tires and rubber in the world. The head office moved from Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee in 1992. In North America there are 50,000 employees in 52 manufacturing plants.

Firestone has a strong track record in environmental responsibility and leadership, and they have been refining their processes to ensure less waste is produced with a goal of ultimately reducing their CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020. They are not just focussing on their own manufacturing; they’ve also been creating more fuel efficient tires and supporting initiatives to educate consumers on maximizing tire life as well as fuel conservation to reduce the overall impact of driving.

Their experience with racing tires has helped shape their performance tire and ultra high performance tire offering. The Firehawk series is even used by many police forces due to its handling and stability. Similarly, their experience with off road tires helps to constantly improve their tires for pick up trucks and SUVs, where drivers can take advantage of recent discoveries and innovations.


LIMITED TREADWEAR WARRANTY - Limited duration replacement with comparable new Firestone tire at prorated cost if warranted kilometers not attained; actual tread life may vary. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized retailer for full warranty details before you purchase.

BUY & TRY, 30-DAY GUARANTEE - Original proof of purchase required to take advantage of the Buy & Try, 30-Day Guarantee. Applies only to set of 4 or more tires. Tires must be returned to original dealer within 30 days of purchase. Does not apply to tires supplied as original equipment on new vehicles. Does not cover damage due to road hazard, collision or other specified types of damage. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.

GOLD PLEDGE LIMITED WARRANTY - Limited duration replacement with comparable new Firestone tire at no charge (excluding taxes and disposal fees) if your Firestone tire becomes unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized dealer for full warranty details before you purchase.