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Michelin - A Trusted Name in Tires

  • Original creators of radial and run flat tires
  • Unique tire designs help improve fuel economy
  • Every tire includes the Michelin 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


TIRECRAFT’s Michelin tire options include all season tires, winter tires, SUV and light truck tires, and performance tires. Michelin is one of the most recognizable tire brands in the world, and one of the two largest. Michelin has been awarded over thirty times for their outstanding customer service so you know that when you buy Michelin tires, you’re getting the best.

Michelin has a long history in racing, and they’ve provided tires to some of the fastest teams in MotoGP, endurance racing and Formula One. Their success with developing tires for racing is passed down to consumers, who can trust that the quality of a Michelin passenger tire will be the same as a racing or space shuttle tire. The company is passionate about excelling in engineering, design and production, and fans of Michelin will be familiar with the quality, durability and comfort of their products. Our TIRECRAFT experts will help you find the best set for your vehicle!

The Michelin Promise Plan comes with every tire and includes a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 3-Year Flat Tire Changing Assistance, and a Limited Mileage Warranty. Michelin was also the first manufacturer to offer a 130,000 kilometre tire, allowing drivers to go further with one set of tires.


Michelin Tires — All Season

The Michelin Defender is a great option, and one of the most popular options for passenger vehicles and minivans. The Energy models offer outstanding fuel efficiency and the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from Michelin.

Michelin Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Michelin’s SUV and light truck tires are designed to prolong wear and offer great fuel efficiency while providing traction and stability in a range of conditions. The LTX range is great for light trucks, while the Diamaris range is outstanding for SUVs and CUVs.

They have been manufacturing car tires since 1888 and are responsible for many innovations in tire technology that we now take for granted, including the radial tire and the run flat tire. Michelin makes passenger and light truck tires, heavy duty truck tires, recreational vehicle tires, earthmover tires, agriculture tires, aircraft tires and bicycle tires.

In Canada, Michelin employs nearly 4,000 and has 18 plants in North America. They also have 960 people employed at their research and development facility. From their test facility in South Carolina, they measure the success of their tires in a number of categories including noise, wet traction, gravel endurance, off road inclines, mud traction as well as performance in emergency situations.

Michelin is dedicated to environmental sustainability and sponsors the annual Michelin Challenge Bibendum, a sustainable mobility event. They have also manufactured a solar powered car and strive to create tires that help consumers reduce the fuel they use through producing the best quality tires available.