Services We Offer:

Vehicle Pickup and Delivery

Ever had an oil change while making the biggest sale of the quarter, or had your fluids topped up and inspected while you finish off that pile of laundry. WOMAN DOING LAUNDRYWe know you’ve got much more on your mind than packing up the kids into the car, driving for maintenance, then pack them into the courtesy shuttle home, or interrupting your schedule to take time away from work. At TIRECRAFT Woodstock, we’ll gladly pick up your vehicle, complete your service and return it to your residence or place of business.

Car Cleaning and Detailing

As part of the complete Just Drive package, we’ll wash the outside and detail the inside of your car upon request. Since you’ve already taken the time to schedule our service, save the hassle of also going to a car wash, or making an extra stop to have it detailed. When your vehicle leaves us, we want you to Just Drive.

Email or Text Message reminders when your car is due for maintenance

We’ve all let the oil change go a little longer than it’s supposed to, or froze our fingers because we BUSINESS MAN TEXTINGwaited until the frost hit to change that annoying wiper blade that ripped apart way through the summer. Have you ever had a near miss the first big snowfall because you’d been putting off switching to winter tires or waited until your washer fluid was gone before realizing it needed to be topped up?

Postponing the maintenance not only causes inconveniences at the time, but also can reduce the life and efficiency of your vehicle, and affect the safety of your family. We know you’re busy, so we’d be happy to be your reminder so you can focus on what really matters to you. Next time you’re in, ask about adding email or text message reminders to your account.


Advanced Diagnostics

We perform all Advance Diagnostics. We have the training and equipment to solve the problems effectively and efficiently.