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The Bridgestone Tires Difference

  • Tires rigorously engineered to perform their best when you need them the most
  • A wide selection of all-season tires that offer versatility for those who need year round performance
  • Tires engineered to stand up against a variety of different driving environments


Bridgestone is internationally recognized for their high quality, performance focussed range of tires. They’re a long-lasting and great value option for drivers who want it all when it comes to long wear and great handling in any condition. TIRECRAFT’s range of Bridgestone tires includes all season tires, winter tires, light truck and SUV tires, as well as performance tires.

Drivers can count on Bridgestone for harnessing the latest technology: they were the first company to start selling rayon cord tires in Japan, and they are leaders when it comes to designing exceptional winter tires. Their innovation hasn’t stopped since these early developments, and they supply tires to some of the world’s leading F1 teams, passing on to their customers what they learn on the track.

When you buy many popular Bridgestone tires, you’re covered by a tire replacement warranty* for up to three years.

Bridgestone Tires — All Season

Don’t let Bridgestone’s classic all season design fool you into thinking they won’t give the great handling and performance you’re after! Bridgestone gives you smooth and durable all season comfort with reduced rolling resistance as well as treadwear warranties* on some models.

Bridgestone Tires — Winter

Bridgestone’s famous Blizzak tire is well-known for good reason. With impressive snow and ice performance, you’ll feel confident driving in Canadian winter conditions. The Blizzak range features sipes that channel away slush, and silica-based tread compounds for extra grip.

Bridgestone Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Truck, SUV and CUV drivers won’t need to look any further than the Dueler range for a versatile, strong tire for any terrain you want to take on. This series features aggressive tread designs, but still delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

Bridgestone Tires — Performance

The Potenza is Bridgestone’s range of performance tires. Offering great control, improved handling and the ability to withstand pressure, these are a great choice for sporty or luxury vehicles. Bridgestone’s innovative tread compounds are very durable, so you can enjoy your vehicle in some pretty tough conditions.

Bridgestone was formed in Japan in 1931, and they have 141 production facilities in 24 countries. The company expanded in 1988 by purchasing Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, keeping the Firestone brand in tact and returning it to profit.

The Bridgestone engineers focus on improving tires in areas like wet traction, extended mileage warranties*, increased fuel efficiency, and more. Their developments in design never compromise on performance so a Bridgestone tire can always be relied on for providing maximum performance, regardless of your vehicle and driving style.


LIMITED TREADWEAR WARRANTY – Limited duration replacement with comparable new Bridgestone tire at prorated cost if warranted kilometers not attained; actual tread life may vary. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized retailer for full warranty details before you purchase.

BUY & TRY, 30-DAY GUARANTEE – Original proof of purchase required to take advantage of the Buy & Try, 30-Day Guarantee. Applies only to set of 4 or more tires. Tires must be returned to original dealer within 30 days of purchase. Does not apply to tires supplied as original equipment on new vehicles. Does not cover damage due to road hazard, collision or other specified types of damage. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.

PLATINUM PACT LIMITED WARRANTY – Limited duration replacement with comparable new Bridgestone tire at no charge (excluding taxes and disposal fees) if your Bridgestone tire becomes unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized dealer for full warranty details before you purchase.

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Choosing All Season Tires: TIRECRAFT’s Best Tips

Deciding what all season tire is best for you involves taking a number of things into consideration. How you drive, where you drive and what you drive all come together to create the right tire for you. Wading through these questions can be a lot of work but here are some helpful hints on how to go about choosing the best all season tires:

Automotive Services

TIRECRAFT is pleased to offer a wide range of automotive services including your vehicle’s factory required maintenance to ensure your vehicle performs optimally. Book your winter tire change-over and seasonal tune-up now to ensure your vehicle is in peak condition!


Top customer service. For something as mundane as tires, they leave a lasting impression with the customer care. I get such a great feeling going there.

Christopher SS Reid
Dec 12, 2020

I needed my rear brake rotors and pads replaced and couldn't get the rotor screw off (needed $50 impact screwdriver and it's winter). Took it in to this shop after looking up how the parts were $100 online. I also asked for an general inspection ($50) over the car. When they gave me a call for a quote, it was $200 parts, and 1.5 hrs to do rear brakes ($180 labour), plus inspection/taxes. Double the cost for parts, and 1.5 hours to take some nuts off a caliper after you took the tires off for an inspection? I could do the job in 1 hr in a parking lot in winter with an impact screwdriver. They did a good job, charged a high rate, and took their time. $530 job for what I expected was $350 on the high end!

John Hay
Dec 12, 2020

Great Service, and knowledgeable staff. Servicing my Mercedes Benz. Thanks TIRECRAFT Waterloo

James Channer
Nov 11, 2020

They have been my "go to" for mechanics and tires, since they were Tireco on Northfield. We are a team in keeping my vehicles serving me well. Who was it said, You've got a lot riding on your tires? It only matters to whoever said it. The fact is, you do!! I appreciate your investment when you can make it up the slurpy icy hill in town too! Tell 'em I sent you! (no kickbacks I promise!)

J Cook
Nov 11, 2020

Bought winter tires. Prices very competitive. Got this year's improved Michelin's for cheaper than Costco's last year's model. Service was top-notch even with Covid protocols in place.

Bill Glowik
Nov 11, 2020

Good, fast, friendly service. Been using them for tires for a number of years now and I've always been satisfied with the prices and results. Never felt they were playing games with me or tried to bill me for unnecessary work. I recommend them.

Mark Elkins
Nov 11, 2020

Great service at a good price. Worth a visit.

Joe Recchia
Oct 10, 2020

Great service with very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Dan Sinclair
Oct 10, 2020

Great place, good service, pleasent staff.

Sherry Robinson
Sep 9, 2020

I’ve been going to Tirecraft for as long as I can remember and the service has always been amazing. I’m treated like family by Andrea and the team and they always go above and beyond. HIGHLY recommend!

Dancing Dog
Aug 8, 2020

Great service today for tires, alignment and an oil change

Steven Westerhout
Aug 8, 2020

I've been to this location a few times and each time it's been a great experience! The staff here are so friendly and knowledgeable. Always eager to teach you about proper care for your vehicle and very fair pricing . I've usually interacted with Andrea and she always has a smile on her face. Great place, highly recommend it👍

Jessica Staller
Aug 8, 2020

Terrible I show up for a alignment, My rims get badly damaged and they are trying to recommend parts the car doesn't need for a rear alignment, as simple as a tie rod adjustment, I am a apprentice mechanic and the level of incompetence was disgusting I refused to pay for the work and they happily obliged

Brendan Orend
Jul 7, 2020

Thank You !! The service and staff here are.. shall I say, AWESOME !! I would highly recommend this family owned business Great service and VERY friendly staff !!Job very well done Keep doing what you do !!!!

Wanda Zimmerman
Jun 6, 2020

Great service, friendly, very thorough and explains everything in detail. More than just tires, they made repairs that were sorely needed and did a great job.

Judie Smith Wilmot
May 5, 2020

👍 good

karthick Balaji
May 5, 2020

Honestly some of the best service I have ever had!. The staff is incredible definitely knows what there doing and talking about!!! Couldn't be happier to find a place that does such a great job . Awesome job you guys!

Jodi Brunner
May 5, 2020

Flat tire after work. Work in Waterloo but live two towns over. Arrive fifteen minutes before closing. Would not help. A service station's best time to shine is to help someone in an emergency situation. They chose not to. ** EDIT ** Never too late to fix a grievous error and apologise for it. I was at a location on the Kitchener/Waterloo border. I put my review under 'Tirecraft Waterloo'. It was NOT your location. My sincere apologies - switching to a 5-star review to make up for it.

Jamie Crothall
Apr 4, 2020

Our family has been dealing with the team at Tirecraft for well over 25 years. We love the team at this location they treat everyone with respect and understanding. They make sure you fully understand what is wrong with your car when they work on it. They never move forward with any work without your permission. They even offered a course for women only regarding tire change and oil change. Thank you Andrea and team.

Kelly Miller
Apr 4, 2020

Underpromise and overdeliver! Dropped by for a flat, was told it would be a couple hours. Less than an hour later and it’s good as new, and not a penny over what I’d expect. Great service as well.

Bartholomew Peng
Mar 3, 2020

The staff are the nice and helpfull - I have been going there for years and I tell all my friends to go there They have always been able to fix me up in a pinch and get me back on the road quickly.👨🏻

Steve Burch
Feb 2, 2020

Got my tires fixed here full from a nail cost me like 40 bucks

Rev foREVer
Jan 1, 2020

This is a proper tire shop with competent and professional customer service reps and technicians. I've been there several times and it's been a great experience each time. I've had several bad experiences at other shops where my wheels would be scratched with no acknowledgement but after several visits to this shop, they've never once left a mark on any of my wheels. In addition, when other shops failed to balance (and re-balance) my tires properly which resulted in vibrations, this shop rectified those issues on first attempt. This is the only tire shop I will go to going forward. Keep up the good work!

Jan 1, 2020

I absolutely love Tirecraft Waterloo and I would highly recommend you visit. Their knowledgeable team has assisted myself and my family members with several of our vehicles and always do a great job. Their customer service (specifically by Andrea and Udo) is phenomenal and they always remember to make you feel listened to and special. I wouldn"t go anywhere else with my vehicle now- check them out!

Skye Hennessey
Dec 12, 2019

Super fast, super easy, great service. Highly recommended!

Ryan Brooks
Dec 12, 2019

Great service and honest prices. Enjoy going here

Matthew Williams
Nov 11, 2019

Tirecraft Waterloo has wonderful staff, great pricing and are honest and fair. They pride themselves on the work they do and treat you like family. I wont go anywhere else for either of my cars.

Christine Haugland
Oct 10, 2019

We are long time clients for this particular location and have never had a bad experience. Always helpful, professional and understanding.

James and Alissa Kennedy
Oct 10, 2019

I went to them with my vehicle after taking it to Canadian tire to be safetied - their experience was far outranking the people at Canadian Tire and when they looked at my car, they told me that for a vehicle of my age and kilometers, my car was in great shape and had no problem re- safetying it - where as Canadian tire wanted me to get $2k in repairs done on the axle. I have driven the car from Ottawa and back a few times now and it has been perfectly fine. So glad I went to Tirecraft Waterloo after my friend Sarah Brnjas told me off for going to Canadian Tore first before TW.

Tim Souza
Sep 9, 2019

Great service and fast too

rebecca scholl
Aug 8, 2019

Had a leak on my rim, was fixed super quick and really cheap. Super friendly service as always. Definitely will come again!

Walter Majano
Aug 8, 2019

Amazing Service Excellent work and only did what was needed. Fair prices and quality work. Would recommend to family and friends!!!!!!!!!! This is the real Richard, I did not write the above review, never been there

Richard Caron
Aug 8, 2019

I had a flat which was worryingly close to the tire shoulder and I know it could not be plugged. After putting on the donut, I took it into Tirecraft right at opening and the expert behind the counter (I mean that in all seriousness, 30+ years in the business) informed me that they would dismount the tire and evaluate it. In a jiffy they confirmed that a patch should hold, and while my daughter was busy coloring in their well stocked kids area, the tire was patched, installed on the vehicle, and the spare tidily put back in the trunk. Amazing service with knowledgeable folks. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing service or tires.

Mark Zammit
Jul 7, 2019

This the best tire company in Waterloo and Kitchener. The staff is the best and so friendly and helpful. The best customer service. They truly care about you and your vehicle.

Ann Haller
Jul 7, 2019

Quick friendly services

briancindy Chambers
Jul 7, 2019

No better place to get tires- true story

Andrew Fenton
Jun 6, 2019

Bad experience. Went back 3 times to have tires rebalanced. Paid twice. They couldn't balance the tires to not wobble. Switched back to older tires and still they could not rebalance. If your tires wobble or vibrate after its most likely their quality in balancing. Also package included alignment check and front suspension check. They did not test the alignment or let me know of torn control arm bushings on my car

Roshaan HB
May 5, 2019

Excellent service, would highly recommend! Diagnosed my vehicle's issue swiftly and offered a loaner vehicle overnight while the parts came in.

Ben Gaffney
May 5, 2019

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