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Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires Banner

Why Cooper Tires?

  • Close ties to motorsports make Cooper Tires a natural fit for high performance drivers
  • Designed for extended durability
  • 45-Day Road Test Warranty ensures you're satisfied with your purchase

Cooper tires

Checking your tires regularly is an important step in protecting your automotive investment. Tires affect handling, braking, and safety of your vehicle. For maximum performance, tires should have the correct tread depth, correct air pressure, and proper vehicle balance that should be properly aligned.

Cooper tires are known for reliability and performance. When you choose Cooper tires, you get a great value tire that provides you long tread life, excellent handling, outstanding performance and a smooth and safe ride. It is a popular choice for high-performance tires.

Cooper tires usually focus on passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, ultra-high performance and off-road vehicles tire market that is designed and built with great care to provide excellent services to you.

TIRECRAFT carries tires from Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, the fifth largest tire manufacturer in North America and the 13th largest globally. Our range for Cooper tires options includes all-season tires, winter tires, SUV and light truck tires, and performance tires.

All season tires

Cooper offers a full line of all-season tires. With the classic Cobra Radial GT for your car, Evolution and Discoverer lines for your modern daily driver, Cooper provides an all-season tire to confidently give you traction in the snow, rain or sunny weather.

TIRECRAFT offers some varieties of cooper all-season tires. These are –

  1. Cooper Lifeliner GLS All Season Tires – If you are looking for a driving experience that is comfortable and not expensive, the Cooper Lifeliner GLS has all the features your vehicle needs. It focuses on durability and comfort without sacrificing all-season traction.
  2. Cooper Trendsetter SE All Season Tires – You can get all-season traction at an affordable price with Cooper Trendsetter SE all-season tires. If you are interested in a set for your vehicle, contact your nearby TIRECRAFT today!
  3. Cooper Cobra Radial G/T All Season Tires – If you are looking for an affordable new set of shoes for your ride, the Cooper Cobra Radial GT is a stylish option with great comfort and durability.
  4. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All Season Tires – If you want your vehicle to have traction and a higher speed rating capability, the comfortable and quiet Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire is your excellent choice.

Winter tires

Cooper’s line of winter tires offers a wide selection of tires for snow, slush and ice. These tires are made with your comfort and safety, and they feature the option to stud.

TIRECRAFT offers some varieties of Cooper’s winter tires. These are –

  1. Cooper Weather-Master S/T 2 Winter Tires – If you are in need of an affordable winter tire, the Cooper Weather-Master S/T 2 is a fantastic option to keep you moving.
  2. Cooper Weather-Master WSC Winter Tires – If you need a stud-capable winter tire that performs that is affordable, the Cooper Weather-Master WSC is a great option to consider.
  3. Cooper Discoverer M + S Winter Tires – If you want your tires to meet all the challenges that a Canadian winter can throw at you, consider the Cooper Discoverer M+S tires for your vehicle.

Light truck/ SUV

Cooper’s light truck and SUV range offers tire treads with versatility and comfort for day-to-day highway driving and the roughest mud-terrain trails.

Some of the Light truck/ SUV varieties offered by TIRECRAFT are –

  1. Cooper Zeon LTZ truck tires – If you want your luxury light truck or SUV that you enjoy unleashing in the wild, the Cooper Zeon LTZ is a good choice as it offers an unbeatable combination of on-road comfort and off-road performance.
  2. Cooper Discoverer S/T Truck Tires – The Cooper Discover S/T is good for those who are looking for commercial-grade traction and better durability. If it is your choice, give us a call today!
  3. Cooper Discoverer STT Truck Tires – If you need ultimate off-road traction for your SUV, then consider the Cooper Discoverer STT for your next off-road adventure.
  4. Cooper Discoverer HT3 Truck Tires – If you are a highway driver that drives a truck for a living, you will appreciate the safety, comfort and durability of the Cooper Discoverer HT3.
  5. Cooper Discoverer SRX SUV Tires – If you are looking for extremely quiet and comfortable highway performance for your SUV, the Cooper Discoverer SRX is a durable option with plenty of traction.

Performance tires

Performance tires of Cooper tires offer enhanced traction and grip in dry and wet conditions. Cooper has a performance tire to accommodate your driving style, from spirited driving on the highway to off-road performance.

TIRECRAFT offers the Zeon series for performance tires that exceed safety, handling, durability and responsiveness in any situation.

  1. Cooper Zeon RS3-S Ultra High Performance Summer Tires – If you want the comfort of a trusted brand, the performance of a luxury tire and the affordability, the Cooper Zeon RS3-S is an excellent choice for you.
  2. Cooper Zeon RS3-A Performance Tires – The Cooper Zeon RS3-A is an excellent choice for any luxury driver looking for superior performance with an established brand at an affordable price.

So, whether you need help finding the right size or style of your cooper tire for your vehicle, TIRECRAFT is here to help you. Our certified experts guide you in selecting the right Cooper tire for your vehicle.

Additionally, we offer our customers a 45-day road test warranty to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. So, if you are not happy with your selected tire, we will help you make it right.

Make TIRECRAFT your one stop shop

With a variety of products and services the TIRECRAFT team is sure to be able to repair your vehicle, recommend the perfect set of tires, and provide a variety a great accessories. At TIRECRAFT, we are committed to providing you satisfaction with our trained technicians. Not only do you benefit from expert advice and vast product selection but your tire purchase can be backed by our “TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus” program.

What The Program Includes:

  1. Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty
  2. 12 Month, 20,000km Mechanical Warranty
  3. 30 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee
  4. FREE Flat Repairs
  5. Road Hazard Coverage
  6. FREE Tire Rotations

To book an appointment today, call your nearby TIRECRAFT, where our expert technicians will help you to keep your ride smooth, safe and comfortable.

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