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Shocks & Struts Service in Goulbourn, ON

Shocks and Strut Service for Your Vehicle

Shocks and Strut Service

Does every car ride of yours feel like a rough ride, no matter how smooth the road is? Does your car feel like a bucking bronco? If this happens, it may be time to look at your car’s suspension system and consider replacing your shocks and struts.

What are shocks and struts, and what do they do?

Shocks and struts play a large role in your comfort and handling of a vehicle. Some vehicles come equipped with shocks, struts or both. Shocks or a shock absorber focus on absorbing unevenness or bumps in the road and allow your vehicle to steadily travel along. Struts also serve a similar role but are designed differently.

Both are mounted to your vehicle’s suspension system and work with the other components in your suspension system to ensure a stable and comfortable ride.

Shocks and struts help your tires maintain traction by minimizing bouncing and other movements that inhibit safe handling. They also help in keeping the weight of your car balanced and stable over speed bumps.

How do you know your vehicle needs shocks and struts service?

Shocks and struts deteriorate slowly over time. Because of this, your vehicle’s suspension can go from bad to worse slowly over time.

Several signs tell you that you need to replace the shocks and struts. These can include –

  1. Excessive Vehicle bouncing – When you hit a bump in the road, and your vehicle bounces, and you lose control of the vehicle, it is one of the easiest symptoms to notice.
  2. Unstable Braking and Vibration – If your car lunges forward when you hit the brakes, it may mean that your shocks and struts cannot handle the changes to your vehicle’s weight distribution. If you feel this forward movement or a vibration while braking it is recommended you visit your nearby TIRECRAFT and solve this problem by having shocks and struts serviced on your vehicle.
  3. Uneven tire wear – Worn out shocks and struts going un noticed may wear out your tires faster than normal. If the tires are getting more pressure in different places those places will wear faster than others. If your tires are wearing unevenly it may be a result of worn out shocks and struts which can place uneven pressure on the tires.

Why replace them?

Worn out shocks and struts decrease the lifespan of your tires, as well as limit the steering and performance of your vehicle. Having these components serviced and/or replaced will significantly increase the performance of your vehicle.

Some of these benefits include-

  1. Better grip – Shocks and struts help in controlling your vehicle, thus improving your ability to safely handle bumps.
  2. No Wear and Tear on Other Parts too – Worn shocks and struts save tires, brake pads, and other parts of your vehicle and thus create a smoother and comfortable ride.
  3. Improved suspension performance – new shock and struts ensure your vehicle suspension performs well. It enhances steering and control along with keeping your ride smooth and comfortable.

How often should Shocks and struts be replaced?

Typically it is recommended to have your shocks and struts services or replaced every 80,00KM to 160,000 KM depending on your driving habits. For best results and care of your vehicle, check your owner’s manual to find specific maintenance intervals for your make and model of vehicle.

If you still have questions  or are wondering how often you need to replace your shocks and struts, visit your local TIRECRAFT today!

Our qualified technicians will provide you with more information about car struts and shocks and help you have a safer, comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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