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Car maintenance schedule in Brooklin, ON

Car maintenance schedule

Regular car maintenance is imperative to ensure your vehicle performs at its peak. So, make sure that your car has a longer lifespan by getting inspected from time to time.

What is scheduled car maintenance, and why is it important?

When a car is designed, the manufacturer has set the service schedule in which it recommends the intervals. In those intervals all the maintenance tasks should be carried out.

The components to be checked and the intervals at which they are examined will vary slightly for each car model and are typically broken down by mileage and can vary by manufacturer.

Thus, scheduled maintenance is a vital aspect of owning a vehicle.

A car maintenance schedule is significant to the life of your car – it is like your car’s regular doctor appointments.

Benefits of maintaining a car schedule

  1. Saves You Money – If you regularly take care of your car, it does not cost much compared to replacing damaged parts. So, you will prevent more costly issues from arising. Be smart and save your money by following your vehicle’s routine maintenance rather than neglecting it by booking an appointment with your nearby TIRECRAFT as soon as possible.
  2. Keeps Resale High – One of the most important reasons to follow a car maintenance schedule is to preserve the resale value of your vehicle. If you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, you should stay on top of your maintenance schedule as it will give you the ability to sell your vehicle more. Not only will these services make driving a more pleasant experience for you, but you will get more money if you take good care of it.
  3. Increases safety – Keeping up on your car maintenance services will increase your safety. It will prevent more significant issues from arising and take away the risk of dealing with a malfunctioning car.
  4. Provides peace of mind – There is nothing more peaceful than knowing your car is safe. When your automobile receives car maintenance, you can fully and confidently drive your vehicle.
  5. Lowers the cost of fuel – Car maintenance services such as oil change, tire rotation, etc., improve your vehicle’s gas mileage and thus reduce fuel costs. If you fail to have such replacements, your gas tank fills more often, which as a result, eats up your money. So keep up on your maintenance services by scheduling your appointment at your nearby TIRECRAFTtoday!

Car maintenance Checklist –

Be sure you go through this car maintenance checklist or a similar checklist every few months to maximize the life and performance of your vehicle, depending on the time and season. Some of these parts of your car should be checked regularly( short run), and others only in the long run. To know which items on our checklist apply to your vehicle, always check your car’s manual. These are-

  1. Air filter Your engine regulates the air that flows into your engine. It helps to keep out debris and particulate. By making sure that your air filter is working correctly, you can improve your fuel efficiency and ensure the long life of your engine. You can do this easily at home by yourself, so it is essential to check your owner’s manual for instructions and how often it needs to be changed.
  2. Engine oil The motor oil in your vehicle’s engine serves many functions. It lubricates the moving parts and helps act as a sealant against debris. It not only cools the engine but reduces wear and tear and helps prevent engine corrosion. Keeping it clean and safe is vital for good engine health. Depending on what kind of oil you’re using for your car, you may need to change both the oil & oil filter.
  3. Tire rotation Depending on vehicle usage, and other factors, the tread wear patterns on tires may vary between both or even from one side of the tread to the other. Rotating your vehicle tires helps extend the service life of your tires by more evenly balancing the tread wear. It also helps in preventing noise and vibration problems.
  4. Transmission fluid Transmission fluid is a long-term checkup. Much like engine oil, transmission fluid is also a lubricant that helps keep all of the moving parts inside your vehicle’s transmission functioning properly. So, whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual transmission vehicle, you must have your transmission fluid levels checked and changed when needed. Also, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Coolant fluid exchange The radiator in your car is a critical component that helps keep your engine cool and functioning properly. If you flushed the coolant system regularly, it would help eliminate contaminants that can build up inside. Checking your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is essential to determine how often your coolant should be changed.
  6. Tire pressure Under inflation in the tires leads to tire failure. So, it is essential to have the proper air pressure in your tires. Check the pressure in your tires every month before carrying an extra load. Look for worn-out treads or blisters on the tire as they indicate replacement. You can also use a tire pressure gauge to ensure the air inside the tires is sufficient to drive the car.

A car maintenance schedule service is one of the best decisions you can make for your car care. It is an excellent form of insurance for your vehicle, and it will help keep you safe from costly repairs and breakdowns.

This might all sound not very easy for you, but our professional technicians at TIRECRAFT make it a breeze. In the end, car maintenance services are essential, and it is as simple as getting the exemplary service at the right time.

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