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Differential Service in Whitby, ON

Differential Service at your local TIRECRAFT

Differential Service

Like a change in engine oil, a differential fluid change is also important to keep your car in good working condition. It plays an important role in making your car drive quietly and comfortable.

To know better if a differential service is necessary, you have to know what a differential is and what it is for?

A differential is a part of the drivetrain, which evenly distributes the vehicle power the wheels of your vehicle. It consists of a gearbox that is located in between your vehicle’s wheel. It makes sure that your wheels move independently every time you drive through corners and turns and thus makes your vehicle in control. There are front and rear differentials in all vehicles.

So, what is differential fluid, and what does it do to your vehicle?

Over time, the differential fluid oxidizes and breaks down. It also loses its ability to lubricate your vehicle’s gears and bearings in the differential. Differential fluid is a thick, dense liquid that is made to keep your differential properly lubricated. It is responsible for smooth control of your vehicle’s outer wheels and helps maintain proper distance between the outer drive wheels and the inside ones.

When does your vehicle need Differential services?

Some early warnings are shown by your vehicle about worn differential fluid, which lets you know that your vehicle needs differential service. These are –

  1. Whining differential or transmission -If you notice that your vehicle’s gear oil runs low or excessively dirty, it can cause gears to whine or howl when it makes a turn. So, it’s time to replace the differential fluid to avoid any serious damage.
  2. Burning smell from the gearbox – If you notice a burning smell from the gearbox or reddish stain under your vehicle’s parking spot, then it’s a sign that you need differential services for your vehicle.
  3. Unusual noises -Bad differential fluid produces loud whirring or rattling noises. If you hear such strange noise coming from your vehicle, you should get it checked out by an auto repair expert. You can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT, where our expert mechanics helps to seek out your problem.

What are the benefits of changing differential fluid?

The timely changing of differential fluid makes your vehicle more responsive and gives you a better road grip. Apart from this, other benefits are –

  1. Minimize wear and gear flaking – Changing bad differential fluid keeps your gearbox sufficiently lubricated, thus minimizing wear and gear flaking in your vehicle, and you will get a smoother gearing experience.
  2. Decreases oxidation deterioration – Differential fluid also decreases oxidation deterioration caused by excess heat in your vehicle and keeps your vehicle in good working condition.
  3. Reduce weird noises – Differential services keep your gears, clutches, and metal parts fully lubricated, which gives you a quitter experience of riding your car.

How often should Differential fluid be changed?

This always depends on the manufacturer, so it is always best to consult your owner’s manual for the proper service interval. But in several cases, you need to change the differential fluid every 50,000KM to 100,000KM.

So, keep your vehicle turning on a dime by keeping up with regular differential fluid maintenance with TIRECRAFT. Our expert technicians will help you with all differential service according to your owner’s manual recommendations.

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