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Jaguar Repair in Westney Heights, ON

Jaguar Services

Jaguar Services

Whether you are looking to schedule regular maintenance of your Jaguar, a specific service such as an oil change, or just an appointment to have a technician investigate an annoying squeak, our TIRECRAFT service technicians will assist you.

Your Jaguar is in the best of hands with decades of experience and a passion for everything. We intend to keep it well-maintained and operational for years to come.

Some of our services include –

 Jaguar Oil change services

Keeping your Jaguar in good condition starts with regular oil changes. This keeps the engine clean and prevents knocking. Vehicle oil keeps your engine components lubricated and friction low between parts, which keeps the engine cool. TIRECRAFT recommends you change your Synthetic oil usually every 7,500 – 10,000 miles and conventional oil every 3,000-5,000 miles to avoid wearing out different engine parts. We are eager to change your oil and filters to keep your luxurious Jaguar running smoothly.

Jaguar brake services

Keeping your brake system in proper working order is vital for your safety and peace of mind on the road. TIRECRAFT certified technicians have extensive knowledge about the brake service of Jaguar vehicles. It includes replacing brake rotors or drums, front and rear brake service, brake pad replacement, an inspection of brake system and changing brake fluid. So, bring your Jaguar to us for brake service.

Jaguar Wheel alignment

Whether you are planning to replace your tires because they are worn out or have thousands of miles on them, proper wheel alignment is an essential part of maximizing the life of your tires. A Jaguar may experience poor handling, a rougher ride, or uneven tire wear if its wheels are out of alignment. TIRECRAFT offers the proper wheel alignments of your Jaguar that helps premature wear on your steering, suspension and tires.

Other services provided by TIRECRAFT to Jaguar include

  1. Oiling the door hinges, body fittings, and all the other moving parts of the car
  2. Cleaning the wiper blades and topping up windshield washer fluids
  3. Inspection of the HVAC system
  4. Inspection and cleaning the throttle plate
  5. Replacing the rear axle lube
  6. Checking the seatbelts
  7. Checking the steering system and many other services and parts

TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program

At TIRECRAFT, we are committed to giving our customers satisfaction with our professionals and excellent services. As a TIRECRAFT customer, your tire purchase or mechanical service is backed by our “TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus” program.

We offer you –

  1. Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty
  2. 12 Months, 20,000 km Mechanical Warranty
  3. 30 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee (No charge for tires and labor. Applies to the original purchaser. Personal vehicles only)
  4. FREE Flat Repairs
  5. Road Hazard Coverage
  6. FREE Tire Rotations (only will be performed after 10,000 km or by vehicle manufacturers’ tire rotation schedule and not apply to seasonal changeovers)

Our goal at TIRECRAFT is to make the servicing process as simple and worry-free as possible for our customers. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping you restore and restore your Jaguar. Book an appointment now!

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