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Dodge Repair in Whitby Shores, ON

Dodge Vehicle Services

Dodge Vehicle Services

Regular maintenance, the right parts, and reliable mechanics are essential to keeping your Dodge in top condition.

At the TIRECRAFT service centre, you can get all of this and more. With our trained and certified technicians, we provide you with an easy, best-in-class experience. We aim to deliver great work, fair estimates, and excellent service to you.

We provide your Dodge with everything it needs to optimize performance so that you can receive long-lasting reliability and value.

We offer a range of services, such as

1.   Dodge Oil change services 

Changing your vehicle’s oil and the filter will help preserve its long-term health. For the recommended service interval of your vehicle, you should always consult your owner’s manual. A regular maintenance schedule is essential to keeping your car running smoothly. Investing a small amount now can save you lots of money later and can also give you an idea of whether your brakes need repairs.

2.   Dodge tire services

Tire rotations are important to prevent uneven tire wear from front to back and side to side. Your tires wear differently depending on which side of the car they are on, what roads you drive on, and what kind of weather you drive in. Keeping your tires rotated will extend their life and keep them safe on the road.

3.   Dodge brake services

Over time, brake pads wear out, so having them replaced is vital. The mileage of when to replace your brake pads varies from vehicle to vehicle, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidance. Your vehicle should be inspected immediately if you hear any abnormal sounds with the brakes, such as squealing or scraping. Warped rotors could cause this and can be checked at TIRECRAFT.

Our brake repair services for your Dodge include –

  • Brake caliper replacement.
  • Brake fluid bleeding.
  • Brake replacement.
  • Brake pad and shoe replacement.
  • Resurfacing of rotors and drums.

4.   Dodge battery services

Have trouble locking your Dodge doors? Are you having trouble starting your Dodge in the morning? Then that’s an indication that your battery is failing. Your car’s battery is a vital part of its electrical system, so you should have it checked regularly and replaced when necessary. As a result of extreme temperatures, especially during a change of seasons, all batteries will naturally lose some charge. However, a weak battery may cause your vehicle to stop starting. So, a new Dodge Charger battery may be necessary.

5.   Dodge Diagnostics

A diagnostic is a method of examining a vehicle and figuring out how many problems it may have caused. Therefore, it is critical to have qualified and accredited diagnostics teamwork on your vehicle to ensure it performs efficiently and safely. TIRECRAFT dealers offer the most extensive and precise diagnostic processes. When our experts run diagnostics, they look at the battery, charging system, warning lights, exhaust, airbags, ABS etc.

At TIRECRAFT, we are committed to giving our customers satisfaction with our professionals and excellent services. As a TIRECRAFT customer, your tire purchase or mechanical service is backed by our “TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus” program.

We offer you –

  1. Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty
  2. 12 Months, 20,000 km Mechanical Warranty
  3. 30 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee (No charge for tires and labour. Applies to the original purchaser. Personal vehicles only)
  4. FREE Flat Repairs
  5. Road Hazard Coverage
  6. FREE Tire Rotations (only will be performed after 10,000 km or by vehicle manufacturers’ tire rotation schedule and not apply to seasonal changeovers)

Learn more by scheduling an appointment with Dodge service centre at your local TIRECRAFT and restore life to your Dodge with our assistance. You can rely on us for much more than maintaining your vehicle. Our services extend to you, too.

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