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Why Are Continental Tires Right For You?

  • Exceptional value, sustainability, and comfort
  • ContiSeal technology prevents tire punctures
  • Original equipment manufacturer for BMW and Audi

All you need to know about Continental Tires

Tires are considered one of the most important parts of overall safety and performance for any automobile. Getting the proper tires for your car not only helps with control of your car’s steering, braking and acceleration, but they also help with absorbing all the bumps that the road may throw at you. Installing a set of Continental tires on your vehicle will help with all of the items listed above.

Continental Tires is considered the fourth largest tire manufacturer globally. They produce tires that are sought after for their comfort, reliability and sustainability. These tires are the perfect choice for drivers who want control and the ability to stop in an instant. Continental tires are known for their braking performance, typically braking faster and at a shorter distance than their competitors.

Some benefits of Continental Tires include –

  1. Designed to last longer. Continental Tires enhance your driving as they are designed to last longer on the road. Their unique rubber compound prevents tire wear and extends the life of your tires. This is an investment that will pay for itself over years of usage.
  2. Save money on fuel. The rolling resistance of Continental tires helps to improve the fuel economy. They are high-performance energy-saving tires that can help to protect not only your budget but also the environment.
  3. Excellent braking on wet grounds. Continental tires provide excellent grip on multiple road surfaces. They can handle wet conditions providing drivers with control and safety while traveling.
  4. Reduce CO2 emissions. As mentioned above, Continental tires are great to help save on gas. Which also means the less you have to fuel up, the less emissions that the car emits into the atmosphere.

Thus, we can say that Continental tires are an excellent option for all-season drivers. The brand also offers some reputable winter tires such as the Continental Wintercontact si that can be a good option for drivers looking for more vehicle affordability.

If you’ve lived in Canada, you’ve probably experienced one of our treacherous winters that feel like they will never end. For times like these, proper tires for your vehicle are very important. So, when the snow starts to fall, and the weather gets chilly, make sure your vehicle is equipped with continental winter tires that can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it.

Are Continental Tires good in snow?

  • Continental winter tires provide outstanding control and traction in ice and snow covered roads
  • They continue to provide short braking distances on the roads in winter conditions
  • They give drivers confidence when driving in multiple road conditions such as wet pavement, snow covered roads and/or icy roads.

Continental Tires — All Season

The Continental Tire’s all season range includes the ContiExtremeContact, ContiProContact and ContiTouring. If you’re looking for durable tires that offer faster braking in any condition, Continental Tire could be your perfect fit.

Continental Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Continental Tire’s truck, SUV and CUV tires feature distinctive, asymmetric patterns to help you get out of even the most challenging terrain. The long-wearing CrossContact comes in a range of durable options, to keep you in control whether you’re driving the kids around town or exploring off-road.

Continental Tires — Performance

The ContiSportContact and ExtremeContact are great options for drivers looking to push their vehicle as far as they can. Continental Tire’s performance tires always offer unbeatable braking distances, ensuring that you can confidently be in control in any condition.

Did You Know?

Continental tires are the originally equipment (OE) manufacturer for some leading passenger car vehicle companies such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz to name a few. This shows a great indication of their quality as well as reliability for these top tier brands to be providing Continental tires as OE options.

The brand also offers a comprehensive product warranty and tire replacement for up to 72 months.

If in doubt, you can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT. Our service technicians guide you in selecting the best continental tires for your vehicle.

Continental Tire also provides their free Total Confidence Plan standard with every purchase of Continental Tires. Learn more!

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