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Mickey Thompson

Why Mickey Thompson Tires?

  • Innovator of many features—including low profiles—which are now considered standard
  • Each Mickey Thompson tire is subject to extensive research and development
  • Award-winning tires that are well-suited for any terrain

Mickey Thompson tires

Want a trusted performance behind your wheel? Then there is no better option than award-winning Mickey Thompson tires. The company is one of the best sellers in providing the best quality tires for people who street, track, strip or drag race.

Mickey Thompson was named after the famous American off-road racer from 1963, and this legend gave tire design no limits. Mickey Thompson Tires are a leader in high-performance tires, offering both track- and off-road driving options.

The spirit of Thompson has greatly influenced the tire designs, and the company has been the original force behind many industry innovations that are now considered standard features, like wide low profile tires.

TIRECRAFT features SUV and light truck tires from Mickey Thompson. These tires have deeper treads and stronger sidewalls and can drive you through dust, get you out of the mud and protect your vehicle from damage while adventuring off-road.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Radial –

The ATZ Radial has a unique hybrid design between all-terrain and mud-terrain tread pattern to give the grip needed for adventurous and a smooth ride on paved conditions.

Featuring an extra-wide footprint and tough tread blocks, the ATZ offers excellent traction all around. These tires have a self-cleaning tread design for better grip smooth surfaces and ice. Deep aggressive shoulders and scalloped shoulder lugs provide you with protection and off-road traction. They are strategically constructed for high mileage, which as a result, provides greater towing capabilities.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Radial Plus –

This Baja ATZ Radial Plus is designed for highway and light off-road use, making it a great choice for a work truck or daily driver. The Mickey Thompson mud/snow rated tires deliver a smooth, quiet ride and high mileage while maintaining legendary Mickey Thompson performance!

This tire’s high load ratings and deep tread, in addition to its wide selection of traditional and specialty sizes, make it a great choice for any truck, 4×4 or SUV.

For additional durability and strength on or off the road, specialty light truck sizes feature cutting-resistant 3-ply sidewalls and a full 6-ply tread.

Mickey Thompson Baja STZ –

The Baja STZ is the latest tire design from Mickey Thompson, which introduces many new features. These tires are designed for both works and play, as they offer your vehicle exceptional steering response, superior grip, and more traction.

Features of Mickey Thompson Baja STZ tires are –

  • Strategically Z-shaped sipes – The Z-shaped sipes in STZ promotes long wear and help increase the traction on wet and greasy roads.
  • Textured Shoulder Lugs – STZ improved off-road traction because of textured shoulder rugs.
  • Serrated tie bars- The tie bars increased tread block stability and better driving performance.
  • Multi-angled & serrated tread blocks – Tread blocks provide greater protection against stone damage by allowing stones to block drilling into the carcass.
  • Extra Protective Layer – An extra nylon belt laid between the tread and the steel belts improves strength and stability. Furthermore, it prevents moisture from leaking into the steel belts, a common cause of delamination caused by drilling or cutting.

Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC Radial –

The Baja Claw TTC Radial is an ultimate extreme tire that gives you rugged off-road performance. Don’t be afraid to go where you want with the Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC!

Features of Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC Radial are –

  • Self-cleaning traction – Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC offers a tread design for self-cleaning traction in deep mud and snow.
  • Large directional SideBiters and resistant sidewalls – You can get rugged off-road performance with the Claw’s TTC 23-degree tread pattern, tough puncture resistant sidewalls and large directional SideBiters.

Mickey Thompson MTZ Radial –

The Radial is built on a legendary and proven construction design legacy. Its innovative design makes it versatile for challenging mud terrains and offers excellent traction on and off-road.

Features of Mickey Thompson MTZ Radial are –

  1. Silica tread compound- MTZ offers a silica-reinforced tread compound for enhanced wet performance, longevity and cut/chip resistance.
  2. 3-Ply sidewall – These tires have powerplay 3-ply sidewall construction for sidewall protection and responsive handling.
  3. Four-Pitch Sidebiter – The four-pitch side biter pattern grips terrain for additional traction and thus provides sidewall protection.
  4. Self-cleaning tread pattern – The Mickey Thompson MTZ radial tires’ high void tread pattern provides self-cleaning, and angled shoulder scallops provide additional off-road traction.

Pros of Mickey Thompson tires –

  1. All around traction – Mickey Thompson tires provide you with the all-around traction of the tires, which means they are designed to perform off-road and all-terrain driving. They provide you traction and comfort in wet, dry, and lightly snowy conditions, which gives you a smooth and safe ride.
  2. Ultimate Treadlife -Ultimate Treadlife – Mickey Thompson SUV and light truck tires have circumferential chutes that run along the sides of the tire, which aid in clearing water from the road surface.
  3. Outstanding braking – An asymmetrical tread pattern on Mickey Thompson tires allows for enhanced braking because of the greater road grip.
  4. Self-cleaning and improved wear – Mickey Thompson tires feature a self-cleaning tread design for deep snow and mud traction.

Cons of Mickey Thompson tires –

  1. Costly -The high price of Mickey Thompson tires may not make them affordable for average users; however, they work well.
  2. Noisy and vibrated – Another disadvantage of Mickey Thompson tires is that they emit minimal noise and vibrations while driving at low speeds due to their aggressiveness.

You can purchase Mickey Thompson tires from your nearest TIRECRAFT if you wish. Depending on your driving style and needs, our experts can help you pick out the right tires for your light truck or SUV.

Mickey Thompson Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Mickey Thompson truck tires are built to be durable, long-lasting and strong enough to tackle any terrain you want to explore. The Baja series and MTZ line feature a range of options for city or off-road driving, all in the same quality you’ve come to expect from Mickey Thompson.

Cooper Tire purchased Mickey Thompson in 2003 and supported by this new ownership, they continue to create award-winning tires. Teams sponsored by Mickey Thompson also have a track record of participating in and winning a variety of races. Fans of the Mickey Thompson range will know they’re particularly well-suited to off road and all terrain driving.
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