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Tires Services In Riverside, ON

Tires in Riverside

Your vehicle’s tires must be properly inflated and in good working order for your vehicle to be running safely and efficiently. Without working tires, your wheels won’t turn properly, and your automobile will not move—or, at least, not move as it’s supposed to. At Tire Depot Tirecraft Ajax –as our name suggests, we do everything to make sure your tires are in tip-top shape. We examine all facets of your tires and provide such services as:


Your vehicle’s tires need to rotated regularly. Rotation ensures that each of your tires experiences an equal and balanced weight over the course of their lifetimes. Rotation is a key maintenance process of every automobile.

Flat Repairs

If your tire gets punctured or otherwise becomes flat, you’ll need a repair. A flat tire can cause handling issues with your vehicle from minor instability to a sudden pull from a tire blow out. Flat tires can damage your rims and wheels and cause your vehicle to lose traction. Tire Depot Tirecraft Ajax offers quick and comprehensive flat repairs.


Tire balancing is an important component of ensuring the efficiency and safety of your tires. Your tires need to be balanced properly to avoid excessive vibration, suspension component damage, and irregular tire wear as you drive. At Tire Depot Tirecraft Ajax, we will use either static balancers or dynamic balancers to guarantee that your tires are properly balanced and that mass is evenly distributed.


As mentioned above, excessive vibration is not only annoying—it can be indicative of a tire imbalance or another safety hazard.


The TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, monitors the air pressure of your tires so you know when they need to be pumped.

Tire Storage

Proper tire storage is imperative for proper working tires, especially in Canada. You should clean and store your winter and summer tires when they are not in use to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. And do not be fooled, winter tires are the safest option for Canadian winters! For more tire storage options, contact us today.

Light Truck

Owners of light trucks need to take special care of their tires, as they often face unique challenges and situations. Light Truck tires can carry heavier loads and are required if you regularly haul cargo or equipment. They also will run at a higher air pressure to ensure stability while under load. Using a Passenger Rated tire in severe application can lead to tire overload, handling issues and a potential for tire failure. Furthermore, when your vehicle is empty, the lightweight nature of it means driving on snow and ice can be perilous, so the maintaining of proper traction and use of snow tires is imperative.

ST Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are heavier-duty tires with a bigger load range and tire pressure than normal tires. Trailer tires are generally narrower and stiffer and are used for utility trailers, boats, and campers.

Performance and Custom Wheels

Performance and custom wheels require special examination to determine the proper fitment when installing larger (upsizing) or smaller assemblies. So if you are changing your wheels/rims, there could be a good chance you’ll need new tires and expert advice.


If you have beautiful brand new tires, that’s great, but it won’t help much if your rims are warped or run down. Proper rim maintenance and installation is just as important.

Our ASE-certified technicians will do everything to keep your vehicle in great shape.

When it comes to everything to do with tires, no one beats Tire Depot Tirecraft Ajax.

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