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Fuel System flush service in Pickering, ON

Fuel System Flush Service & It’s Importance

Fuel System Flush

Over the past few decades, the fuel systems of cars have transformed quite a lot. Earlier, cars had carburetors as the main component responsible for feeding fuel to the car’s engine. But the efficiency of these carburetors was highly questionable.

This led to the excessive usage of fuel than required. Due to this shortcoming, automobile manufacturers developed fuel injection systems that helped cars figure out the optimal amount of fuel to utilize for maximum efficiency, thus bringing down the amount of fuel used by a vehicle regularly.

Though fuel injection systems are highly efficient, they have one downside. These systems require proper cleaning now and then. It is essential to keep the fuel system clean as it helps the system provide the right amount of fuel every time you press your car’s gas pedal.

Why is fuel system cleaning service important?

Some may say that you need to get a full fuel filter replacement service. They aren’t entirely wrong, however you don’t have to go for a fuel system cleaning every time you change other oils or align your car’s wheels. This service is recommended less frequently, but it doesn’t mean that fuel system cleaning should be left behind.

If you neglect fuel injection system service for a longer duration, there will be deposit build-up in the fuel system, which can cause different issues. Due to deposits and a dirty fuel system, you might end up burning more fuel than the required amount. Also, in some cases, you might struggle with acceleration, or the car could stall.

When it comes to the accurate interval between two consecutive fuel system cleaning services, it varies depending on the car’s system. But usually, the experts advise going for a proper cleaning between every 10,000KM-40,000KM.

Signs that your car needs fuel system cleaning service

Some tell-tale signs quickly show that you need to book an appointment with the experts at TIRECRAFT for fuel system cleaning services. Some of them are as follows:

  • You are filling up the gas tank of your car way more often than usual despite no changes in your routes or driving style.
  • When you are driving uphill, you feel a lack of power in your car.
  • You are facing issues with ignition. The car doesn’t start immediately when you turn the key, or the start is just rough.
  • When you press the gas pedal, the vehicle struggles a lot in gaining momentum.
  • You get a spongy response from the engine whenever the gas pedal of the car is pressed.

Benefits of a fuel system cleaning service

The fuel system cleaning service involves complete chemical cleaning of the fuel system and a full flush. This process has several benefits, including the following:

Improved engine performance: The proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the fuel system ensures improved engine performance. The process helps inject the required fuel whenever desired without putting stress onto other parts.

Improved fuel economy: A regular fuel system flush service helps augment the car’s fuel economy as the engine works smoothly, reducing fuel consumption.

Better engine health: Like other fluid changes services, a fuel system flush service is also a preventive maintenance process that takes care of any mechanical damage or performance issues, thus improving the engine’s life.

If you think your vehicle may be due for a fuel system flush service, contact your local TIRECRAFT today to discuss the service and book your appointment.

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