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Exhaust Service in Whitby Shores, ON

Exhaust Shop Near Me: Visit your local TIRECRAFT

Exhaust Shop Near Me: Visit your local TIRECRAFT

If you are looking for an Exhaust shop near you, look no further than TIRECRAFT! Vehicles need air filtration systems as they produce exhaust gases while running. These gases contain dangerous substances which can be hazardous to the environment.

Every vehicle has an exhaust system to route these harmful emissions away from the engine. As any other components to a vehicle, the exhaust system needs service on a regular basis.

So, what is an exhaust system, and how does it work?

The exhaust system of a car works just like a kitchen chimney that directs the byproducts from burning fuel away from passengers. It routes waste gases from the engine to the car’s rear, discharged into the atmosphere.

It also helps in converting pollutants into less harmful byproducts and provides the right amount of backpressure into the vehicle’s engine and thus improves fuel-burning efficiency and increases your vehicle’s performance.

What are the symptoms of a defective Exhaust system?

There are some warning signs which could mean that there are issues with your exhaust system. These are –

  1. Rattling noises – If you hear a constant rattling sound when the engine is running, it could be because of the loose catalytic converter of your vehicle. So, It would be better that you replace or repair your car exhaust quickly.
  2.  Vibrations – If you notice a vibration on the steering wheel or car seat, it is likely due to an issue in the exhaust system. So, go and have exhaust repair services at your local TIRECRAFT.
  3. Decreased fuel efficiency – If you are visiting the gas station more than usual, it could be a possible sign of an exhaust leak. This exhaust leak is a sign of harmful gases that are not being emitted outside the system of your car. As a result, it raises the temperature of the engine and therefore decreases the efficiency of fuel.
  4. Gas Smell – If you start smelling gas inside the car, it indicates an exhaust problem when one of the exhaust pipes is damaged and starts to leak; the fumes from the gas escape through any place.
  5. Engine light – If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on and stays on, then it’s a signal that something is wrong with your car. So, it’s time that you should have your vehicle checked immediately.

Sometimes, without a professional inspection, problems with your exhaust system may go unnoticed. So, for this reason, or others, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle. You can check your nearby exhaust shops at TIRECRAFT, and our skilled and experienced car technicians will help you get back on the road ASAP.

What are the benefits of Exhaust Services?

  1. Improves engine performance – Improving your car exhaust system improves the performance of your vehicle’s engine. When air moves easily out of the engine, it helps the engine to breathe and thus, your car is ready to go.
  2. Reduces the risk of inhalation of hazardous fumes -Having regularly scheduled exhaust services reduces the risk of inhalation if harmful fumed as the system will be inspected and ensure fumes are being safely removed from the vehicle.
  3. Increases fuel efficiency – A good exhaust system increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as it helps to maintain optimum air levels inside the vehicle, which reduces the need for the vehicle’s engine to consume an extra amount of fuel.

How often are Exhaust system services done?

It is recommended to visit a trusted exhaust service shop at the first sign of an exhaust leak. Depending on driving conditions and driving habits, the exhaust system of your car will last anywhere from two to three years. However, to avoid any damage, it is very important to check your exhaust system periodically.

So, whether you have a failed exhaust system or feel that it’s time for maintenance of your exhaust, bring your vehicle to your local TIRECRAFT location.

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