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Serpentine Belt in Riverside, ON

Quick Guide to Serpentine Belt Service

Serpentine Belt Service

Does your vehicle make squeaking noises? This could be due to the serpentine belt in your engine! If you are hearing a squealing noise, your engine is overheating or your air conditioner isn’t working, it may be time for a serpentine belt service appointment.

But first, what is a Serpentine Belt, and what does it do?

A serpentine belt is a long snake-like rubber belt used to drive multiple peripheral devices in your automotive engine and keeps them running smoothly and effectively. It rotates continuously when the car is running.

It plays an essential role in your car’s system as it transfers rotational energy from your engine’s crankshaft to all the engine accessories like power steering, air conditioning compressor, power steering, etc.

Each of these accessories has a pulley. This belt acts as a connection between these pulleys to rotate the engine crankshaft. So, when the crankshaft rotates, those pulleys also rotate and thus power the accessories.

What are the signs of a worn out Serpentine belt?

Your vehicle will give off some early warning signs that your Serpentine belt may be worn out and need service or replacement. Some of those warning signs include:

  1. Engine overheating – If you notice that your vehicle’s engine starts overheating, you need to change the serpentine belt. The engine overheats because this belt provides power to cool the engine, but a broken belt or belt slippage can cause your engine to overheat as the water pump will not turn.
  2. Squealing noises – If you notice squealing noises coming from the front portion of your vehicle, it could be from a broken serpentine belt.
  3. Power steering and air conditioning not working – If you notice a loss of power steering control or if your air conditioning is not working, and the engine will no longer be cooled as it should, then it’s time to service your serpentine belt.
  4. Signs of belt wear – If you notice that the belt is cracking, glazing, or flaking, then it means that the old bet is worn out, and it’s time for a replacement.
  5. Dead battery – If your car’s power suddenly dies while driving, it may be because of a broken serpentine belt. It is because your serpentine belt powers the alternator, and when the alternator fails, it cannot charge the battery.

If any of these warnings are shown in your vehicle, then it is recommended to get it checked by a professional mechanic and get a new serpentine belt. You can visit your nearby TIRECRAFT, and our experts can visually inspect the belt, identify belt slippage or belt breaks that may require service or replacement.

What are the benefits of having the Serpentine belt replaced?

Here are a couple of benefits of replacing a broken or worn Serpentine belt:

  1. Better fuel economy – Changing the serpentine belt when needed will increase your vehicle’s gas mileage. The properly fitted new serpentine belt gives a boost to your vehicle’s engine and will give you great combustion whenever you’re traveling.
  2. Reduced chance of a breakdown – Changing the serpentine belt and regularly checking the effectiveness of the belt can lessen the chances of a breakdown in the future. Ensuring the components are working properly will help avoid and unexpected service problems.

How often should you replace the Serpentine belt?

As part of regular preventative maintenance the belt should be inspected yearly. Typically belts will need to be replaced every 100,000km However, because of advancement in rubber technology, serpentine belts can last longer depending on driving habits and conditions.

If you are unsure if your vehicle requires service or replacement of your serpentine belt, you can check your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals, or stop by your local TIRECRAFT for us to conduct a visual inspection and service recommendations.

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