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Transmission Flush in Brooklin, ON

Transmission Flush Service

Transmission Flush Service

Whether it’s a simple oil filter change or complete transmission fluid flush or exchange, you have to do it regularly to maintain your vehicle before big problems rear their ugly head. A transmission flush is a fluid replacement process in which old fluid from your vehicle is removed and is refilled with fresh fluid. This then helps in cooling and lubricating the vehicle’s automatic transmission.

Your car may be calling out for a transmission flush when giving warning signs such as –

  1. Trouble shifting gears or slippage of a gear – If your transmission fluid contains a lot of dirt or sludge then there may be problems in shifting gears as these contaminants will cause a sluggish response to the transmission system. If you notice such things to happen to you while you drive, then we recommend you immediately go for a transmission flush.
  2. Grinding or odd noises -If you start to hear grinding or odd noises while driving, then you may need to get a transmission flush. To make sure of this you can pullover while the car is running and check the fluid colour on the dipstick is bright red rather than black. Or you can stop by your local TIRECRAFT and we can check your fluid for you.
  3. Surging of the vehicles – If you notice that your car surges or jumps, forward or backward for no valid reason then it’s usually caused by an inconsistent flow of clean fluid. Fresh and clean fluid is needed to ensure smoother operation of the gears and other parts of the transmission system. This should be flushed out immediately.
  4. Delay in movement – If your vehicle is stalling for a couple of seconds before moving after switching the gears, then you may need a transmission flush to stop this from happening.

The transmission flush just like an oil change should be performed from time to time to maintain the transmission system, which you cannot drive without. It is designed to safely and smoothly transfer power from your vehicle’s engine to your vehicle’s wheels. Proper flushing of old, dirty fluid can be done by one of our licensed mechanics.

Our equipment connects to the car’s transmission and pumps dirt and debris from the vehicle so new fluid can be replaced. This service will eliminate the contaminants and give your vehicle a new life. Apart from this, there are other benefits of a transmission flush, which are as follows-

  1. Prevents transmission problems– The most important benefit of a transmission flush is that it will help prevent transmission problems in the future and provide lubrication to the vehicle. There may be some dirt and debris that builds up over time. A transmission flush helps evacuate this debris and ensures your transmission is running smoothly.
  2. Improves engine efficiency – Transmission flushes also help improve the overall efficiency of the engine. Keeping on top of regular maintenance will ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance.
  3. Save money on repairs – Transmission flushes may be expensive, but if it can be done at regular intervals, it will help you save money and prevent the chance of a major breakdown or malfunction, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix.
  4. Prevents major inconveniences – Transmission flushes also prevent the vehicle from some major inconveniences such as overheating of the engine. To keep your vehicle’s engine properly powered and lubricated, transmission flushes should be done at regular intervals.
  5. No engine lockup: If we think of any vehicles and worst-case scenarios associated with them, engine lock-up tops the charts. Engine lock-up denotes that a vehicle’s transmission is working way too much that it has simply shut down due to overwork. Replacing the transmission fluids during regular intervals by a professional car expert like TIRECRAFT ensures that your vehicle doesn’t get into such a situation. For most of us, having the car out of commission is a massive dent in daily life. You can easily avoid this uncalled stress by changing the transmission fluid regularly.

If you haven’t had a transmission service done during the lifetime of your vehicle, it is recommended to have a full transmission fluid flush performed by our technicians. During a transmission flush, your transmission pan is drained, inspected, and cleaned, and the transmission filter is replaced, and new fluid is refilled, replacing old fluid with new. The transmission fluid should always be at a particular level that lubricates the parts as it can only be topped off and wash away varnish from the clutch pack, causing the clutch slippage.

Usually, a transmission flush is recommended at every 50,000- 80,000 kms and every 3 to 5 years. But it’s always better to reference your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations on maintenance schedules for your specific vehicle.

So, if your car has any of the symptoms listed above and you want to find a mechanic that can take care of your vehicle and perform a transmission flush while being honest and trustworthy with clients, contact your local TIRECRAFT shop to learn more or book an appointment.

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