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Auto Repair

Mechanic & Auto Repair

At TIRECRAFT our certified mechanics are pleased to offer a wide range of auto repair and services to ensure your vehicle is in top working order. Our technicians and mechanics are certified to perform factory required maintenance, to keep your warranty valid.

When you have your vehicle in the shop for a tire change, it just makes sense to have all of our automotive needs looked after too. Weather its scheduled maintenance or an auto repair from damage, our mechanics are able to look at and perform the auto repair and services listed below.

Auto Repair and Maintenance Services:

Oil Change

Getting your vehicles oil changed is the most basic task of owning a car/truck. Motor oil is essential for your vehicle to operate, however over time this oil will need to be replaced. Our technicians will drain the old dirty oil and replace it with new, fresh oil. The old oil is then disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The Frequency of an oil change will depend on the vehicle and driving habits. To learn more about oil changes click here.

Wheel Alignments

Everyday driving and road conditions can take their toll on your vehicles alignment. Bumps, uneven roads, pot holes, rail road tracks all can put the alignment off in your vehicle. Having proper alignment helps premature wear on your tires, steering and suspension. To learn more about alignments and find out if your vehicle needs one, click here.


Tires must be properly inflated, balanced and rotated for your vehicle to be operating safely and efficiently.  At TIRECRAFT we not only sell top brand tires, but also service them. To learn more about tires and the brands we offer click here.


Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Our auto repair technicians will look at your brake pads, rotors, calipers and more to make sure your brakes are in working order. Wear on these parts vary from one driver to the next. To learn more about brakes, click here.


Starting your car/truck every morning all depends on your battery. If your battery doesn’t work, you won’t be going anywhere without some help. Routine battery inspections can help detect when it’s time to buy a new battery before it leaves you stranded. To learn more about battery maintenance and tips for buying a new battery, click here.


Diagnostics is the process of evaluating a vehicle and figuring out if there are any problems with it. A diagnostics test can show issues with the battery, charging system, lights, exhaust ABS and more. To learn more about diagnostics checks click here.


Nobody want’s rust on their vehicle. Select TIRECRAFT locations offer rustproofing/undercoating to stop the build-up of corrosion on your vehicle. New or old, your vehicle can develop rust. Call one of our locations today for more information.

Performance Parts & Accessories

Update and customize your vehicle with our wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories. Regardless if you are looking for functional or cosmetic enhancements, TIRECRAFT can provide you with the parts and accessories to get the look you want. To learn more about Performance Parts & Accessories click here.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to keep your vehicle in top working order. Having preventative maintenance work done routinely can allow you to avoid costly break downs or repairs not to mention it will protect your manufacturer’s warranty. To learn more about preventative maintenance click here.


Auto repair and maintenance are highly recommended not only to keep your vehicle feeling like new but also to:

  • save you money on expensive repairs
  • make driving more enjoyable
  • ensure safer transportation for you and your family
  • reduce the change of a breakdown
  • contribute to cleaner air for our planet

Find the TIRECRAFT location closest to you to schedule auto repair and maintenance for your vehicle.


Recommended Auto Repair and Maintenance Schedule

Our mechanics and TIRECRAFT experts recommend the timelines shown below for scheduled maintenance and auto repair.

auto repair Maintenance Schedule