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Are there any tips to keep my Winter Tires in great condition?

For the vast majority of us in Canada, we use our winter tires for about half of the year, between October and April, so it’s important to know how to take care of them when they’re on your vehicle as well as when they

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When should you change over to Winter Tires?

Most Canadians are familiar with the routine: the weather quickly changes and the long, hot days of summer begin to transform into the crisp days of fall. Then, all of a sudden, it’s time to think about winter tires again

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When Were Winter Tires Invented?

Winter tires have been around since the 1930’s, first introduced for trucks and then just a few years later for passenger vehicles. Prior to that, regular tires were used during winter months, and in some places, like Canad

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How are Winter Tires Evaluated?

Winter tires have been around since the 1930’s when they were first introduced in Scandinavia. Since then, most drivers have realized how important it is to have a great set of snow tires, especially when we Canadians have

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Can I Use Studded Tires in Canada?

We get lots of questions from our customers who are looking for advice about how to choose the best winter tires, and one particular area of confusion is studded winter tires. Most people think that studded winter tires are

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Choosing All Season Tires: TIRECRAFT’s Best Tips

Deciding what all season tire is best for you involves taking a number of things into consideration. How you drive, where you drive and what you drive all come together to create the right tire for you. Wading through these

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Spring Tune-Ups: How Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

Canadian winters can take a toll on your vehicle. Snow, ice and cold weather all contribute to premature wear and tear but when spring and summer come, you want to be able to enjoy your drive without worrying about your c

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What’s The Difference Between Summer and All Season Tires

Many people use the terms Summer Tires and All Season Tires interchangeably but the fact is that there is a significant difference. Depending on how you drive, what kind of car you drive and your climate, you’ll see great

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What Is An All Season Tire?

Despite what seems like a very simple question, this can be a slightly complicated answer. The first thing to understand about all season tires is that they are not suitable for every season that Canada has to offer. So what

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Wheels: How to Choose the Best Option For You

Wheels can transform the look of your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. Swapping out your generic stock wheels for a set that better suits your personality can go a long way in making your vehicle truly feel like yo

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How To Choose The Right Rims For Your Vehicle

Choosing the right rims for your vehicle can be difficult. Not only do you need to find the proper fit, you also want to find a set of rims that show off your own distinct style and personality. At TIRECRAFT , we total

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Storing Winter Tires: Best Options for Protecting your Investment

Having a set of winter tires is one of the smartest decisions any vehicle owner can make, especially if you’re living in Canada during the cold weather months. As a matter of fact, at TIRECRAFT we recommend that once th

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A Helpful Glossary of Car and Tire Related Terms

When you're looking into new tires or maintenance for your vehicle, there can be a lot of terminology to understand in order to find exactly what you need. With this in mind, we've compiled this helpful glossary of common ter

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Seven Vehicle Maintenance Myths, and the Truth Behind Them

If you aren’t an automotive service technician yourself, it can be hard to know what’s really necessary when it comes to regular maintenance, your warranty, and more. In fact, there are a lot of myths out there about when

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How to Read Your Tires

Your vehicle depends on its tires to stop, steer, and stay on the road. Worn tires can turn a close call into a collision. Protect yourself and your vehicle by learning how to interpret your tire wear, tire sidewall markings,

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Get our FREE Ultimate Winter Tire Guide!

Whether you’re a first-time vehicle owner who is gearing up for winter, or you’re simply looking for a refresher, this guide will help you choose the perfect winter tires. Download The Ultimate Guide to Winter Tires toda

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