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Focus on Firestone Tires

  • Environmentally focused, with goals of reducing their C02 emissions by 25% by 2020, without sacrificing tire quality
  • Racing experience has helped shape Firestone as a respected name for high performance tires
  • Original equipment manufacturer for many car companies

TIRECRAFT’s Firestone range includes winter tires, performance tires, all season tires, and light truck and SUV tires. Firestone has been making tires since 1900 when the company was founded by Harvey Firestone in Akron, Ohio. Back then, most customers were looking for tires for their buggies, wagons or farm equipment but when Firestone partnered with Henry Ford to supply the first pneumatic rubber car tires on the Model T, they became a leader in the automobile tire market.

Firestone has a lengthy history in racing, and in 1911 Firestone supplied tires to drivers in the first ever Indianapolis 500. Professional racers have been relying on Firestone ever since. It isn’t just race car drivers who benefit from the research put into developing ever faster tires. The technology, materials and processes have also helped cement Firestone passenger tires as some of the best, and it isn’t surprising that it remains one of the most popular tire brands in the world.

You might already be familiar with Firestone as they’re a popular original equipment manufacturer, meaning that many car companies have chosen to install Firestone tires on all new vehicles. Firestone produces tires for passenger cars, performance vehicles, light trucks, commercial heavy trucks, agriculture equipment and tractors, as well as forestry and mining OTR vehicles.

Firestone offers a 30 day buy and try guarantee, and they offer a Gold Pledge Warranty*. Contact your local TIRECRAFT  to find your perfect set.


Firestone Tires — All Season

For standard and touring tires, the Precision touring and FR710 provide good all season traction and mileage and has been a popular tire for the past several years. TIRECRAFT recommends all season tires for most months of the year, except for times the temperature is commonly below 7°C, when we recommend installing a set of winter tires.

Firestone Tires — Winter

Firestone’s Winterforce line of winter tire is widely recognized for its aggressive open tread, and its high density sipes provide the traction needed on icy or hard packed snow. Winterforce offer outstanding traction in deep snow or slushy conditions.

Firestone Tires — Light Truck/SUV

The Destination series has four options to cater to all driving preferences and needs. The Destination ST option is an excellent performance tire. The Destination LE is great for city and highway driving. The Destination AT meets your all terrain needs, and the MT is for the true off-road enthusiast.

Firestone Tires — Performance

Firestone’s long history with racing ensures that its performance tires are unbeatable. Firehawk performance tires are excellent high performance all season tires for drivers looking for exceptional handling. The Firehawk is also a great ultra high performance summer tire.

Firestone Tires — All Terrain

In 1988, Firestone was purchased by Bridgestone, making the combined company the largest producer of tires and rubber in the world. The head office moved from Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee in 1992. In North America there are 50,000 employees in 52 manufacturing plants.

Firestone has a strong track record in environmental responsibility and leadership, and they have been refining their processes to ensure less waste is produced with a goal of ultimately reducing their CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020. They are not just focussing on their own manufacturing; they’ve also been creating more fuel efficient tires and supporting initiatives to educate consumers on maximizing tire life as well as fuel conservation to reduce the overall impact of driving.

Their experience with racing tires has helped shape their performance tire and ultra high performance tire offering. The Firehawk series is even used by many police forces due to its handling and stability. Similarly, their experience with off road tires helps to constantly improve their tires for pick up trucks and SUVs, where drivers can take advantage of recent discoveries and innovations.

LIMITED TREADWEAR WARRANTY - Limited duration replacement with comparable new Firestone tire at prorated cost if warranted kilometers not attained; actual tread life may vary. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized retailer for full warranty details before you purchase.

BUY & TRY, 30-DAY GUARANTEE - Original proof of purchase required to take advantage of the Buy & Try, 30-Day Guarantee. Applies only to set of 4 or more tires. Tires must be returned to original dealer within 30 days of purchase. Does not apply to tires supplied as original equipment on new vehicles. Does not cover damage due to road hazard, collision or other specified types of damage. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.

GOLD PLEDGE LIMITED WARRANTY - Limited duration replacement with comparable new Firestone tire at no charge (excluding taxes and disposal fees) if your Firestone tire becomes unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See authorized dealer for full warranty details before you purchase.