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Summer and Performance Tires

Summer and Performance tires are the perfect option for drivers who like to push their vehicles to the next level!

Performance or summer tires have been designed primarily to improve dry handling while allowing for some wet traction. Tread patterns with performance tires can range from directional to asymmetric designs but typically feature wide grooves, which channel water away from the contact patch of the tire.

Tirecraft carries summer tires and performance tires from many manufacturers, including:

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Are Summer or Performance Tires for You?Goodyear summer tires

Performance and summer tires are made for drivers who want to experience higher speeds, stop faster, and have enhanced traction capabilities. They add personality to any vehicle, particularly when they’re coupled with a nice wheel and rim combination, and they are also typically stiffer than all season tires, making for more responsive and confident handling.

Run Flat Tires

In recent years, many cars have become more compact while at the same time maximizing internal space for a range of features. At the same time, the performance of a car is increasingly the most important consideration for many buyers. Both of these factors have influenced a reduction in the space left over in the vehicle for storage so the question of “where to keep your spare” has become a challenge. That, along with added safety concerns, has influenced the creation of “run flat” tires.

Yokohama summer tiresDesigned to allow a vehicle to be driven in the event of a flat tire, a run flat tire has sidewalls that are designed to allow the vehicle to go short distances with little to no air. Many high performance vehicles are equipped with run flat tires when they leave the lot, and they can offer increased handling compared to a standard tire.

Wondering about the best summer or performance tire for your vehicle or think that run flat tires might be good for your car, truck or SUV? Drop by your nearest Tirecraft for friendly advice from our knowledgeable technicians.

Performance Considerations

Performance tires can be slightly noisier and the ride tends to be a little firmer than average passenger all season tires. Similarly, since performance tires are built to provide stickiness through their tread compounds, they tend to wear a little quicker.