Winter Tires

Ensure your precious cargo is safe on the road this winter with the right set of winter tires.

It’s impossible to downplay the value of having proper winter tires for staying safe and prepared for any weather condition that might develop in a Canadian winter. While some drivers choose all season tires, there is a clear and noticeable difference in control and comfort with a set of tires that has been manufactured for the conditions that are so typical of the winter months in Canada.

Hankook winter tireWhy are Winter Tires so Important in Canada?

  • Winter tires are designed to provide superior handling and shorter stopping distances in cooler temperature
  • Winter tires are made from a compound that does not harden in the cold, allowing for better grip to the road, increased traction, and a reduction in the time it takes to stop in challenging driving conditions
  • Winter tires can reduce stopping distances by 30% to 40% on snow, ice or even cold pavement

Tirecraft’s range of winter tires includes models from leading manufacturers, like: 

michelin      Hankook_Clr      Toyo_Clr

GeneralTire_Clr      GT-RADIAL      goodyear

firestone-small      Bridgestone_Clr

The Evolution of Winter Tires 

Original models of snow tires were noisy and had deep treads that were useful for heavy snow, but newer models have evolved to provide traction not just on snow but on ice, hard packed snow and cold or wet pavement. Because of this, they’re also referred to as cold weather tires.

Specialized Rubber Compounds

Newer models of winter tires are manufactured using rubber compounds that remain flexible in lower temperatures, and they typically also contain substances like silica or even crushed walnut shells to offer better grip. This enhanced traction and flexibility help the tire stick to the road when it contacts the minuscule imperfections in the surface, offering drivers enhanced control in inclement conditions.

Winter tire treads are designed to cut through the thin layer of water on the road that’s caused by heat melting the ice. The tiny grooves in the tires are known as ‘sipes’ and they move the water away from the front of the tire keeping the tire’s contact with the road consistent. This action is what prevents vehicles from hydroplaning.

Winter Tires: Safety and Comfort

Not sure about the benefits of using winter tires? Many insurance companies offer a reduced rate to drivers who use winter tires, which is often around 5%. Winter tires are currently obligatory in Quebec between December 15th and March 15th. In the years since they’ve been mandatory, winter collisions have been reduced by 17% and there’s been a 36% reduction in road accidents that cause serious injury or death. 

When you’re ready for new winter tires, trust your local Tirecraft expert to help you find the perfect set.

Premium Performance

Premium winter tires will perform better than basic models and the difference can be up to 15% better traction. Winter tires should also be purchased in sets of four to prevent “spinning out”, which can happen if only two tires offer enhanced traction and control.