Keep your vehicle looking its best with a distinct set of wheels.

Wheels are the perfect way to personalize your vehicle without compromising performance. Tirecraft has access to premium wheel brands and styles that suit all vehicle makes and models, including extracurricular and off-road vehicles.

Steel Wheels

Turn heads with Tirecraft’s selection of chrome and gloss black wheels or simply make your winter tire change easier with a set of steel winter wheels. Steel wheels usually cost less than alloy wheels and are common for winter rims, suiting the needs of drivers that require a simple winter tire and rim combination. 

Alloy Wheels

In addition to their custom style, alloy wheels weigh less and are stronger than steel wheels, offering improved acceleration and braking. With a great look and style, alloy wheels are an ideal choice for summer drivers looking to show off their vehicle without compromising performance.  

Stop into Tirecraft to learn how to choose the right wheels for your vehicle and properly take care of them

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Wheels

Remember, when you clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle, it’s also important to clean your wheels. Keeping your wheels clean will help prevent rust and other damage that can be cause by salt and the elements. In addition, clean wheels will help ensure your vehicle always looks its best when you want to show it off.