Falken Tires from Tirecraft

Falken Tire From Tirecraft

Why Choose Falken Tires?

  • A Consumer Reports top pick
  • All Falken Tires undergo a lengthy development and testing process
  • Quiet ride, with a perfect blend between wet and dry handling

For over 30 years, Falken has been focused on developing Ultra High Performance tires for vehicles across the globe. Originally conceived as the flagship high performance radial brand under the Ohtsu Tire and Rubber umbrella, Falken now stands alone, utilizing their connection to professional motorsports to fine tune and improve their products for drivers around the world. Get your Falken Tires from your local Tirecraft and discover what it means when they say, “At Falken Tire, we get you going!”

Falken Tire has become well known throughout racing circles thanks to the company’s success both on and off the track. A multiple time champion in both the Formula Drift and American Le Mans series. These victories have paved the way for their consumer high performance tires, including the popular Azenis FK453 and RT615K tires. Additionally, Falken Tire’s status as the official truck tire of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series has helped develop the capabilities of their Wildpeak all-terrain tire series.

As a Consumer Reports top pick, drivers focused on comfort, durability, and performance will find a Falken Tire that meets their needs—regardless of season or vehicle type. 


Falken Tire — All Season

These Falken Tires are perfect for everyday performance. Options such as the Sincera SN250 A/S offer class-leading durability and feature Falken’s proprietary Dynamic Range Technology to ensure maximum grip in a wide assortment of temperatures.

Falken Tire — Light Truck/SUV

Falken Tire provides powerful options for light truck and SUV drivers. If you demand traction and control with a high mileage tread the Wildpeak H/T delivers. Alternatively, if unparalleled performance and comfort are high on your list of needs, the best in class Ziex S/TZ05 is the answer you’re looking for.

Falken Tire — Performance

The Falken performance summer tires are designed to push the limits of your vehicle. Infused with racing DNA, an option like the Azenis FK453 offers noise absorption technology alongside nylon-reinforced layers for enhanced stability.

Falken Tire — All Terrain

All Falken Tire products enjoy a lengthy development process before going into production. During this process, the Falken Tire team combines their knowledge and experience with extensive research into the latest breakthroughs in tire technology, additives, and rubber mixtures. Their findings form the basis for what will become the next generation of Falken tires.

Once tires are out of the lab, they hit the track—a pivotal moment in their development. Tires are designed to strike the perfect balance between wet and dry handling and performance, while delivering high speed directional stability and overall durability.

Falken Tires are only considered ready for the public when their rolling noise is low, their dependability is high, and their overall design flawlessly compensates for uneven road surfaces.