SUV and CUV Tires

Keep the entire family safe everywhere you go with the right SUV and CUV tires.

With the evolution of modern vehicles, we’ve seen family station wagons and minivans give way to a recently emerging market: sport utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles. SUVs and CUVs have been steadily growing in popularity since they were first introduced and as they become increasingly fuel efficient they’re a natural choice for many drivers.

firestone SUV tiresThe Benefits of SUV Tires and CUV Tires

Consumers are always looking for a vehicle that is stylish, offers lots of inside space and has the versatility to suit many different lifestyle needs. SUVs and CUVs address a variety of performance requirements including being great all purpose family vehicles, satisfying off-road driving and allowing for luggage-heavy weekend getaways or even towing. 

Improved Handling and Performance

SUV tires are built to support the needs of the SUV and CUV driver in terms of handling and performance. They are designed to ensure that your vehicle will be able to tackle any terrain you’d like, all while providing a comfortable and smooth ride. The Tirecraft range of SUV and CUV tires includes lines from:

GTRadial_Clr      Toyo_Clr      Continental - Tirecraft

goodyear      Yokohama_Clr      firestone-small

Tires for the SUV and CUV market come in a wide range of tread designs and styles. Tires for these vehicles are available in:

  • All season tires
  • Touring tires
  • Fuel efficient tires
  • High performance tires
  • Ultra high performance tires
  • Off road tires

Some tires come in extra load (XL) ratings to allow owners to tow a range of items from campers and boat trailers to snowmobile and utility trailers. You’ll be able to find SUV tires especially for:

  • Front wheel drive
  • Four wheel drive
  • All wheel drive (AWD)

yokohama SUV TireSUV Tires and CUV Tires: Considerations

In some cases, all wheel drive vehicles offer automatic electronic traction control (ETC) to assist with handling during adverse conditions. In order to keep the ETC capabilities functioning properly, tires should all have the same overall diameter and tread depths should also be within 2/32nd of each other. We also advise drivers to keep all 4 tires the same brand and model. 

Give your SUV or CUV the tires it deserve, speak to a Tirecraft expert today.

All Wheel Drive Capabilities 

Many sport utility and crossover utility vehicles are built with AWD functionality, but the safety and handling issues that come with all season tires still apply. This kind of tire, although marketed for all four seasons, is not suited for most of the conditions associated with Canadian winters and should not be used during the wintry months.