Ultra High Performance Tires

The perfect tires for drivers who demand the most out of their vehicles.

Ultra High Performance tires are designed for driving enthusiasts who want to make the most of their luxury or sport vehicles by offering optimized handling capabilities. Engineered for maximum grip and manoeuvrability, they feature a wider tread surface and are manufactured with a compound that has a very sticky tread. They also have a very short sidewall, also known as a low profile, to maximize handling without losing any responsiveness from sidewall roll over.

The Tirecraft ultra high performance tire range includes models from:

Hankook_Clr       Yokohama_Clr       Toyo_Clr

GeneralTire_Clr      Continental - Tirecraft      Michelin_Clr

Toyo High Performance TireAre Ultra High Performance Tires For You?

Ultra high performance (UHP) tires are perfect for lovers of speed who want to take full advantage of their vehicles. Speed ratings for UHP tires range from Z rated 240+ km/h to W, Y and (Y) for 300+ km/h so you will certainly be able to test your vehicle and, of course, your own driving skills!

Unique Tread Patterns

In order to maximize the road handling capability of your vehicle, ultra high performance tires feature tread patterns that either appear as the traditional wide grooves or in a V shaped tread. This serves to channel water away from the front of the tire keeping the largest possible area in contact with the road to prevent hydroplaning.

You’ll also notice that the shoulder area of the tire will have either large tread blocks or be solid in order to provide maximum rubber and grip on the road during hard cornering. They also add a distinctive look to your vehicle by sitting very low with aspect ratios from 30 series up to about 55 series. 

general tire high performance tiresUltra High Performance Tires: Considerations

In order to ensure that UHP tires give the performance required of the vehicle, they tend to provide a stiffer ride. This allows drivers to get a better feel for the road. You’ll also find that, similar to racing tires, some of the manufactures have added a nylon overlay to the belt package to ensure the tire does not start to distort from the centrifugal forces at high speeds. 

If you demand the best, let a Tirecraft expert find the right Ultra High Performance Tires for your vehicle. 

Staggered Filaments for a Sporty Look

Some high performance vehicles require a staggered filament, which is where front tires are a different size than rear tires. This definitely makes the vehicle look much more sporty, but restricts the benefits that are available from tire rotations. It also limits options for matching a set of four tires.

High performance vehicles that can make the most of their high horsepower and torque need a UHP tire that will perform well on the vehicle. After all, it’s on average only four patches the size of our palms that keep our vehicles on the road!