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Falken Azenis 450 AS

Overview of the Falken Azenis 450 AS

The Falken Azenis 450 AS is an advanced all season tire for ultra high performance vehicles. It utilizes 48 sizes across 16 to 20 inch rim diameters to cover 68% of the available luxury sport fitments.

Features of the Falken Azenis 450 AS

Brand new manufacturing techniques and advanced technologies from Falken combine to create the amazing performance of the new Azenis 450 AS. This includes a new tread compound utilizing 4D Nano construction which incorporates biomass into the tread rubber for higher adhesion, greater flexibility, and lower polymer heat generation. The casing is molded using TCT (Tension Control Technology) that provides a more flexible middle sidewall for more shock absorption on the road as well as a stiffened bead and rigid outer sidewall for more responsive handling. The asymmetric rib and tread block design combines excellent wet and dry grip with a comfortable and quiet driving experience. You can expect additional hydroplaning resistance thanks to the circumferential chutes and sweeping grooves in the tread footprint that help to clear away water from your path. Solid shoulder blocks provide greater stability when cornering and help the tire to resist deformation at high speeds for greater expected durability. Individual tread blocks are enhanced with features such as vertical tread notches that allow the tire to minimize loss of traction during the transition from acceleration into cornering. Blocks are also supported by tread bars that help to lock the tread together during braking and turning. This helps to prevent tread squirm and creates a more solid feel on the road.

Choosing the Falken Azenis 450 AS

If you drive an ultra high performance sedan, coupe, or convertible, and you need a tire that can meet and exceed the demanding capabilities of your vehicle, the Falken Azenis 450 AS promises to deliver the strength and traction to keep you on the road through the toughest all-season weather.