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Firestone Champion with Fuel Fighter Technology


The Firestone Champion is our newest all season touring tire built for true highway performance. It comes with a lengthy 110,000 km limited treadwear warranty to help protect your valuable tire investment. It also is branded with the newly revitalized Fuel Fighter mark from Firestone to show consumers that it meets internal requirements as an incredibly fuel efficient tire. It comes in a variety of tire fitments that can meet T, H, and V speed ratings.

Features of the Firestone Champion with Fuel Fighter Technology

It achieves significant all season capabilities as well as enhanced fuel mileage through a variety of tread enhancements. This includes a newly developed tread compound with extremely low rolling resistance for exceptional fuel savings. An optimized tread footprint gives you great wet and dry traction and helps to minimize road noise as the tire spins. Deeply molded tread features ensure that the tire will have the same traction all through its useful life. Wide circumferential grooves ensure a continuous evacuation of water when travelling in rain and wet conditions so that you can always reach the road surface and have less risk of hydroplaning. Solid centre ribs keep you firmly planted at high speeds and are quick to respond to driver inputs.

Choosing Firestone Champion with Fuel Fighter Technology

If you’re a highway driver that wants to wring every drop out of your fuel purchases, the Firestone Champion with Fuel Fighter Technology is a great option that promises long wear and optimal all season performance.