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Wheels: How to Choose the Best Option For You

Wheels can transform the look of your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. Swapping out your generic stock wheels for a set that better suits your personality can go a long way in making your vehicle truly feel like your own. TIRECRAFT understands this, which is why we offer such an impressive assortment of wheels for you to choose from. But which wheels are going to be right for your vehicle? In this article we’re going to talk a little bit about what you need to look for to find the ideal set of wheels to match your vehicle.

The Wheel Deal

Before you start your search for the perfect set of wheels, there are a few things you should make note of to ensure your search goes smoothly. First and foremost, you should know your vehicle’s lug bolt pattern. If the wheels you want don’t match the bolt pattern of your vehicle, your vehicle’s performance can be greatly effected and you’ll simply have to choose another option. To find your bolt pattern, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine how many bolts are on your wheel, the second thing you’ll need to know is how far apart each bolt is. Many car manufacturers have their own standard lug bolt patterns, but if you’re not sure of yours, stop into your local TIRECRAFT  and we can help you out.

Wheel Width

After this, you’ll want to decide on the width of the wheels you want. Keep in mind that you need to determine if your vehicle can handle wider wheels. Additionally, if you want a wider set of wheels, you’ll need a wider set of tires to go with them. If you want to find out if the wheels you’ve got your eyes on are the right fit for your vehicle, a service professional at your local TIRECRAFT  can help you.

Price Considerations

As with all purchases, you’ll need to factor in price when you’re considering a new set of wheels. A custom built set will be a very expensive endeavour, but on the other hand, a cheap option by a little known brand may not be able to stand up to varied driving conditions. That’s why TIRECRAFT  only carries quality brands, so you can find a set of wheels that will keep you on the road without breaking the bank.

Wheels Keep Spinning

There’s no doubt that finding the perfect set of wheels is going to do wonders for your vehicle. Not only can a great set of wheels improve your vehicle’s value, but they can also inject it with a serious personal touch that you’ll love. For more information on the right wheels for your vehicle, head over to your local TIRECRAFT