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Monthly Archives: October 2020

A Closer Look at Yokohama Winter Tire Technology

Today’s post takes a closer look at some of the top features of Yokohama winter tires to inform your winter tire research. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation right away. Top features of Yokohama winter … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Guide to Vehicle Diagnostics

Today’s post answered some of the most common questions we get from drivers about booking their first vehicle diagnostics test. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation straight away. What is a Vehicle Diagnostics Test? A … Continue reading

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Keep It Local: Choosing Tire Shops Nearby Makes Sense

Think you need to leave town or turn to the internet to find quality tires? Think again! Today’s post outlines 5 reasons why choosing TIRECRAFT tire shops nearby makes sense. Enjoy unparalleled selection at your local TIRECRAFT tire shop You’ll … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Feel Good About Buying Continental Winter Tires

Considering Continental winter tires? Today’s post is for you. Read on to discover three more reasons Continental winter tires deserve a top spot on your tire wish list. 1.  Continental Winter Tires Put Primacy on Driver Safety If you’re looking … Continue reading

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6 Signs It’s Time for a Car Battery Service

Today’s post runs down 6 easy-to-spot signs that it’s time to book a car battery service. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT right away to get professional advice. Car battery service sign #1 — Your engine is slow to start … Continue reading

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New Research Highlights Importance of Winter Tires for Canadians

Today’s post reveals key findings from the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s (TRAC) 2019 Winter Tire Report that reveal the importance of winter tires for Canadians. Consumer Surveys Show Canadians Now Embrace the Safety Advantages of Winter Tires If … Continue reading

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How to Find the Best All Weather Tires in Canada

Today’s post explains when you need all-weather tires over all-seasons, what all-weather tire features to look for, and how to connect with a local TIRECRAFT all-weather tire expert to guarantee great results. All-Season Tires Versus All-Weather Tires: What’s Right For … Continue reading

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Car Battery Replacement FAQ: Costs, Warning Signs, and Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a quality car battery replacement? Today’s post is for you. Read on to learn about car battery replacement costs, warning signs, and critical considerations for battery buyers, courtesy of your local TIRECRAFT experts. How Do I Know I … Continue reading

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Top-4 Firestone All Season Tire Picks for Trucks in 2020-2021

Today’s post runs down the benefits of choosing Firestone’s all-season tires for trucks, then spotlights the top-4 consumer picks for 2020-2021. Read on or find a local TIRECRAFT to learn more about Firestone all season tires for any vehicle type. … Continue reading

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Managing Tire Pressure in Cold Weather: What You Need to Know Come Winter

Today’s post is all about managing tire pressure in cold weather. Read on to learn common causes for deflation, the risks of driving on underinflated tires, and how to manage this common winter driving concern. Why Do I Lose Tire … Continue reading

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