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6 Signs It’s Time for a Car Battery Service

Today’s post runs down 6 easy-to-spot signs that it’s time to book a car battery service. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT right away to get professional advice.

Car battery service sign #1 — Your engine is slow to start

Over time, even with diligent maintenance, car battery components degrade and stop working as well as they once did. This can cause a whole host of problems.

For example, if your car cranks slowly, the battery is often to blame. Worn components take longer to create a charge for the starter, which might mean it takes a few extra seconds for the engine to turn over.

While your vehicle may not have failed to start just yet, you need to act fast and book a car battery service. Slow cranking is usually the battery’s last gasp before it kicks the bucket!

Car battery service sign #2 — You noticed dim lights and/or electrical issues

All of your vehicle’s electronics run off of your car battery, from your dome light to your radio and dashboard computer. If your car battery is on the decline, the performance of these electronics will also start to drop off. If you’ve noticed any dimming lights or other electrical issues, it’s time to book a car battery service.

Car battery service sign #3 — Your “check engine” light is on

The Check Engine light, known formally as the malfunction indicator lamp, is not a definitive sign that your car battery is on the fritz because it’s used to indicate a whole host of problems, from misfiring engines to loose fuel caps. But if it comes on with no clear cause, it’s worth getting your car battery tested by a mechanic to ensure it’s working at full capacity.

Car battery service sign #4 — Something stinks!

Car batteries use a chemical mixture to transfer electrons between poles and move the electrical current. Sulfur is one of these chemicals and it has a very distinct rotten egg smell. So if you catch a whiff of rotten eggs, resist the urge to blame your passenger—there may be a leaking battery to blame! Book a car battery service with your local TIRECRAFT provider ASAP and replace the battery if necessary.

Car battery service sign #5 — White, ashy powder

If you notice a white, ashy substance on the metal components of your car battery, you’re looking at potassium carbonate caused by corrosion, and car battery service is needed.

Car battery service sign #6 — Misshapen battery case

When exposed to extreme heat, cold, or trauma, the car battery casing may swell or crack, causing all kinds of problems and safety concerns for your vehicle. Though no two misshapes are the same, if your battery is any shape other than rectangular, chances are it’s time to book a car battery service!

Free car battery service consultation at TIRECRAFT

Whether you need a second opinion or fast and affordable service, TIRECRAFT is here to help.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to locate trustworthy car battery services and get started with a FREE consultation today.