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3 Reasons to Feel Good About Buying Continental Winter Tires

Considering Continental winter tires? Today’s post is for you. Read on to discover three more reasons Continental winter tires deserve a top spot on your tire wish list.

1.  Continental Winter Tires Put Primacy on Driver Safety

If you’re looking for winter tires you can trust to keep your loved ones safe through the snow and ice, look no further!

Continental created their first winter truck tire back in 1937, and they’ve been on the cutting edge of snow safety features ever since.

Today’s Continental winter tires are engineered with heavy siping, finely structured rib design, Nano interlocking, and pliable tread compounds that stay soft, flexible, and safe even in the coldest temperatures. They outperform M+S (Mud and Snow) tires by an order of magnitude, and they significantly exceed the requirements of the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF).

For instance, when comparing Continental winter tires to standard M+S rated alternatives, research revealed:

  • Continental winter tires had shorter braking distance—approximately 9.5m less than standard M+S with full braking from 50 km/h to 0km/h
  • Continental winter tires had faster acceleration with less slip, hitting speeds of 50km/h on a snowy road after only 27m, compared to 41m for M+S tires

2.  Continental Winter Tires Are Better for the Environment

Continental has always been committed to green initiatives, and now their winter tires are “going green.”

“A green tire is made from regenerating raw materials with very low energy consumption and low C02 emissions,” says Dr. Andreas Topp, the Vice President of Material and Process Development and Industrialization at Continental.

Continental is now spearheading the development of dandelion rubber, which uses Russian dandelions, to produce rubber at a standard equal to that yielded by traditional rubber trees, and to further reduce their eco footprint.

When you buy Continental winter tires, you can take heart knowing you’re supporting these promising eco-friendly initiatives.

3.  Continental Winter Tire Results Speak For Themselves

Continental winter tires are vigorously tested, and all test results are available for consumer review online. So skip the sales copy and see for yourself why so many Canadians trust Continental winter tires year after year.

Find The Best Continental Winter Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

TIRECRAFT carries all the top Continental winter tire options, including:

Not sold on Continental winter tires? Not a problem! We also offer a huge selection of comparable winter tire brands for you to choose from.

From your first phone call, a dedicated tire expert will work with you to understand your unique needs, driving habits, and weather conditions, then use this information to create a shortlist of recommendations. Every consultation is 100% free, and we’re not satisfied until we’ve found something perfectly suited to your budget, needs, and tire preferences.

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