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How to Find the Best All Weather Tires in Canada

Today’s post explains when you need all-weather tires over all-seasons, what all-weather tire features to look for, and how to connect with a local TIRECRAFT all-weather tire expert to guarantee great results.

All-Season Tires Versus All-Weather Tires: What’s Right For Me?

Though they sound synonymous, all-weather tires are not the same as all-seasons. Make sure you understand the difference to avoid any nasty surprises this winter.

Unlike all-season tires, all-weather tires carry the Transport Canada pictograph of mountain peaks and snowflakes. This logo indicates that the tire meets the snow/winter tire performance standards of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC).

All-seasons do not carry this logo because they do not meet TRAC’s exacting winter performance standards. In fact, all-season tire performance drops considerably in the cold, which has led some industry professionals to refer to them as “three-season tires.” For example, at just below freezing, all-season tires take about 30% longer to stop on bare pavement than snowflake-rated tires. Sprinkle in some snow, slush, or ice, and the stopping differences become quite alarming.

Get The Best All Weather Tire Features For Year-Round Performance

The best all weather tires combine the top features of winter and all-season tires, including:

  • Increased sipe density on the inside treads to provide better traction on ice and snow
  • Lower sipe density on the outside treads for better grip and handling on wet and dry roads
  • Snow claws for better traction in deep snow
  • Increased block rigidity for better ice traction, while also reducing the risks of irregular wearing
  • Slush grooves to evacuate water and snow, and lower the risk of hydroplaning
  • Multi-wave sipes to boost braking capabilities and provide a smoother ride
  • Slush edges and polish grooves to clear snow and water off the road and increase grip
  • Increased stability for improved handling and control at any speed

Use the above mentioned features as a “wishlist” when researching potential tire options, or simply ask your local TIRECRAFT experts to create a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Find The Best All Weather Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you don’t know where to start with your all-weather tire purchase, TIRECRAFT provides everything you need for a smooth, satisfying, and cost-effective tire purchase.

We carry all the best all-weather tire brands in Canada, including:

A dedicated TIRECRAFT representative will help you navigate our extensive selection of all-weather tires to find the perfect fit for your driving habits and year-round weather conditions.

To start your FREE all-weather tire consultation, visit our website and use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to connect with a local representative.