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A Closer Look at Yokohama Winter Tire Technology

Today’s post takes a closer look at some of the top features of Yokohama winter tires to inform your winter tire research. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation right away.

Top features of Yokohama winter tires

Year after year, Yokohama winter tires continue to rank among the best. Let’s take a closer look at some of their top product features:

  • Wet grip technology. Absorptive silicaimproves wet traction by wicking water away from the road and increasing tread-to-surface contact, while multilayer carbonhelps evacuate water from the tread surface. Wide-slanting slush grooves also help drivers avoid hydroplaning using a “see-through arrangement.”Some Yokohama winter tires, like the iceGUARD iG52c, also feature extended tread blocks to improve handling, braking, and driver comfort in wet and snowy conditions. And regardless of winter tire types, all Yokohama winter tires use a triple-action compound that adapts to different weather conditions for better performance on all winter roadways.
  • Fuel efficiency. Yokohama winter tires are made using an advanced low-heat generating under-tread compound that increases stability and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Confident handling. Yokohama winter tires create biting edges using triple 3D sipes that provide optimal ice and snow performance. At the same time, slush grooves drain frozen water from under the tread to give drivers greater control, while resin-coated shelled microbubbles help suck up road moisture, dramatically reducing slippage on ice, snow, and slush.
  • Resistance to wear. Yokohama winter tires use a high-density absorptive rubber compound that offers greater stability and longer lifespans on winter surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly production. Yokohama winter tires are manufactured according to the principles of the BluEarth product engineering philosophy, which guarantees long tread life, wet grip, fuel efficiency, quieter rides, and smaller carbon footprints. The iceGUARD iG52c is one of the latest Yokohama winter tire releases created using this eco-friendly production process.

Find Yokohama Winter tires at your local TIRECRAFT

TIRECRAFT is proud to carry all the best Yokohama winter tires. Yokohama has three segments in their winter offering, namely:

  • The IceGUARD iG52c, designed specifically for passenger vehicles that need superior traction come winter
  • The GeolanderIceGUARD iG51v, designed specifically for SUVs, CUVs, and pick-up trucks that need premium winter performance
  • The Yokohama W.Drive WY01, a premium winter tire made for light commercial vehicles needing seasonal traction and greater durability

You’ll find all three at your local TIRECRAFT, alongside a wide range of top-tier winter tire products from big brands such as:

From the moment your free winter tire consultation begins, a dedicated tire technician will help you identify your driving habits, needs, and budget, then create a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique customer profile. Though we are proud Yokohama winter tire retailers, we are not beholden to any big brand—your needs come first, and all winter tire recommendations are completely unbiased.

Furthermore, we up the value of the limited manufacturer’s warranty on every Yokohama winter tire with the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free consultation with one of the 220+ TIRECRAFT providers across the country.