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Yokohama W.Drive WY01

Overview of Yokohama W.Drive WY01

The Yokohama W.Drive WY01 is a premium winter tire for light commercial vehicles that require seasonal traction and added durability. It is built with strength in mind so it can carry added loads and hold up under tougher road conditions.

Features of Yokohama W.Drive WY01

The W.Drive WY01 achieves great winter performance through a series of design and manufacturing improvements that set it apart from a standard all season hauling tire. Foremost among these improvements are the 3D sipes that are deeply molded into each tread block. Each of these sipes act as additional biting edges when passing over ice and packed snow. Their 3D nature enables them to lock together without collapsing so you’ll never lose an ounce of traction when cornering, accelerating, and stopping. Large areas of void including diagonal slits help the tire to power you through deep snow and slush. Wide circumferential grooves with a solid centre rib help the tire remain stable and clear away water for better contact with the road surface and less risk of hydroplaning. The centre rib also helps the tire respond quickly to driver inputs for more responsive handling. In addition to all these traction complementing components, the rigid lugs that surround the shoulder give the tire extended life by helping to moderate heat and decrease tread wear.

Choosing Yokohama W.Drive WY01

If you’re looking for a solid winter tire for your light commercial van, truck, or RV, the Yokohama W.Drive WY01 has all the ice and snow traction you need with the strength to carry everything else you need.