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Discover The Newest Falken Off-Road Tires: Start Your Adventure At TIRECRAFT

Today’s post spotlights the newest member of the Falken off-road tire family: the WildPeak R/T. Read on to learn about some of their most exciting performance features, and find out when they’ll be available for purchase at your local TIRECRAFT, or book a free consultation with our technicians to explore…

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Demystifying Car Diagnostic Codes: Simplify Repairs With TIRECRAFT

Today’s post explains 5 of the most common car diagnostic codes we see in the shop, then discusses whether or not it benefits drivers to invest in OBD-II readers for home use. Read on to level-up your skills with recondite OBD-II readers, and find out why it is often more…

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Find The Best Winter Tires In 2022-2023: Start Early To Save More

With so many different designs out there, each with their own unique balance of features, there is no single “best winter tire” for all drivers—there’s only a “best for you,” which your local TIRECRAFT can help you find with a free needs assessment. However, there is a best time to…

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Choose The Right Truck Tires For Sale: P-Metric Vs. LT Tires

In order to choose the right truck tires for sale, you’ll need to know the difference between P-metric and LT sizing. The wrong choice could negatively affect driving performance and cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary features, reduced fuel efficiency, and premature tire failure. But TIRECRAFT is here to…

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