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Bridgestone Duravis M700HD

Overview of Bridgestone Duravis M700HD

The Bridgestone Duravis M700HD is built for heavy duty vehicles that spend just as much time on gravel and stone as they do on the pavement. These tires will fit a multitude of larger trucks, SUVs, RVs, and commercial transport vehicles in 16 and 17 inch rim diameters. They have a reinforced casing construction that allows them to both tow and carry heavier loads beyond those of a standard truck tire.

Features of Bridgestone Duravis M700HD

The Duravis M700HD features an aggressive tread with significant void space that is perfect for gravel, sand, light snow, and loose mud and stone. Tread features continue all the way through the shoulder rib so you’ll have more traction even in the deepest mud and dirt. Deeply molded 3D sipes are present in every tread block. These sipes have two functions: they create traction by acting as gripping edges on every surface and they lock together to keep the tread block from shifting during acceleration, stopping, and cornering. Extra wide circumferential chutes surround the centre rib and create a pathway to clear away water from the road surface for improved wet weather performance. In order to attain the higher load capacity necessary for a dedicated LT tire, Bridgestone took twin steel belts and bound them in wound nylon and layered this over another layer of 2 ply polyester for added strength, puncture resistance, and driving comfort.

Choosing Bridgestone Duravis M700HD

If you drive a truck or other medium to heavy duty vehicle that requires off-road traction and hauling capability in equal measure, the Bridgestone Duravis M700HD will meet all your durability, load, and traction needs. To find out more about other Bridgestone products or learn more about our heavy duty light truck tire lines, contact your local TIRECRAFT representative or visit us at your local TIRECRAFT store.